Maybelline Rocket Mascara

We always owe it to Maybel Williams who by accident singed her eyelashes in 1915 in pursuit of his boy friend and used Vaseline and some coal dust to repair it. Since then, it was called Maybelline (Maybel + Vaseline).

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Now, the cosmetics giant, Maybelline introduces the Rocket mascara, and will add to a roster of mascaras catering to different lash needs of women, or Filipinas. The innovator of mascara, Maybelline, indeed, won't stop discovering things to create beautiful lashes. Now let's see what this Rocket which is really famous abroad, is all about!
Maybelline New York Rocket Mascara
SRP: PHP 300+
Availability: Leading department stores nationwide

(+) Let's start with the "clump-killer" brush. It's quite big but unlike other volumizing mascara, this claims to have elastomer brushes which means that it has soft charge for little charge and evenly spaced soft bristles for no clumps.
Maybelline New York Rocket Mascara Brush
(+) Clearly, unpon first coat, I didn't notice any clump, thanks to the brush which was the one who guaranteed zero clumps. I don't like it really when my lashes look like coated with some big black particles and this mascara is one of those.

(+) What I also like is that it gives a clean, sleek and defined lashes. The volume speaks but starting in the bottom, getting finer in the end which looks really sexy and extraordinary. Definitely one of the most unique in this effect.
Swatch of Maybelline New York Rocket Mascara- 1 coat

(+) I like the the formula is soft and easy to glide. Unlike ones with fibre, this one is easy and fit for everyday use

(-) Upon second coat for bigger volume, though, thickness and length is there but I can see clumping and there is no separation of lashes.

 photo IMG_8977_zpsc1c949b3.jpg
Swatch of Maybelline New York Rocket Mascara- 2 coats

(+) Nonetheless, since it doesn't dry easily, I just brush it with a clean bristle wand to seperate further and remove excess and tadaa below is the result.
Swatch of Maybelline New York Rocket Mascara- 2 coats
(+) It is easy to remove and stays for long.

Swatch of Maybelline New York Rocket Mascara- 2 coats
Overall, I really like Rocket mascara. Because it gives a very unique look and style to my hair (meaning, lashes) and while there is still clumping on second or third coats, the first coat actually already looks good and exquisite. This is truly one that would differentiate Maybelline, the inventor, in all other mascaras of the brand, and other companies releasing a lot of mascaras in the market.

In terms of Maybelline mascaras, indeed, lash needs different styles catering to different needs. Rocket is for thin and short lashes but I really like how it doesn't clump and looks sexy. From all the Maybelline mascaras, I like Magnum (for volume), cat eyes (for feline) and Falsies (for multiplied which I've already used in this blog). For now, I will also review Magnum
Magnum was released few years ago with a brush like this:
Maybelline Magnum Mascara brush
(+) What I like about Magnum is it gives volume really. While it clumps on second coat, the first coat gives thick, long and overall volumized lashes for those who have thin ones like mine.
Swatch of Maybelline Magnum Mascara
So for now, my top 3 Maybelline mascaras are: Rocket, Cat eyes (which I've been using for a long time), and Magnum - all of which I'll compare to other mascaras in the department store soon. How about you? What are your favorites?

Thank you again Maybelline!!!

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