Why I am Online

Because it’s where I can speak. It’s where I can finally say the things I believe in, without having to look at someone else’s eyes looking down at me. Without having to think what they think of that low voice.

Because it’s where I can work well and excel. It’s where I can like and share what I have to the world.

Because it’s where I can blog. And show what I’m good at.

Because It’s where I can argue and regram what I agree at.

Because it’s where I can socialize without having to check on every detail of my outfit, every knitty gritty.

Because It’s where I can date. Without having to compete with tens of real sexy girls in bars. Or really smart ones in coffee shops.

Because It’s where I can finally love. Men who don’t know anything about you or your gender. But then comes this one guy who wouldn’t mind at all. Who wouldn’t even bother.

AND BECAUSE IT’S WHERE I LEARN TO BE A PERSON. People say I’m not the one they see or hear online, but the truth is, I am trying to become one offline: even a lot better, a lot less insecure, a lot more human.


  1. aaw... lemme give you a hug. *hug hug*... I may not know exactly how you feel but I understand you.. Don't listen to your haters, naiinggit lang sila because of your success... chin up girl! :)

  2. You're such a beautiful person, Mikki -- both in and out, and talented too. Keep it up 'cause you're really good with your craft. :) Btw, it may be hard at first, but don't mind the haters. Haters are going to hate anyway, even if it's baseless. You're an inspiration, and I'm sure you'll go a long way! :)


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