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For years, Belle De Jour has always been producing great planners for women, with the goal of empowering every Bella. But I like how this year, they're making it full of life, with every aspect of a woman tackled. BDJ challenges us to celebrate all experiences that make us who we are. And to plan those as well. I'll be sharing what I will experience this 2014 with some of life plans and of course, a tour of this amazing planner.
The minimalist cover is a bit different in a way that it's more minimalistic than the usual BDJ planner.
I always look forward to these quotes that are located in page 2 of every BDJ planner.
With the book that inspires me, Love and Other Lemons by
Happiness and inspiration - if I could sum up the plans... (and that's what I also like about this planner because it's like writing your own book through your experiences). The whole January I was just viewing and listening to Beyonce's visual album (thus the video below) and one thing I realised and wanted to achieve was happiness, more than anything. I will try everything in my power to achieve that.

Then this part of the book follows. Of course, my blog is one part of my life and I wanted it be an outlet of my experiences too - personal, beauty-related or professional. I realised I wanted it to be more personal despite the fact that I'm reviewing products, services and what not here. So expect more about me (and I'll make my tutorials more personal and easy too!) Anyway, below are some of the bloggers that inspire me lately!
Also with Katrina Santiag's The Filipino is Worth Blogging For to inspire me to blog for my fellow Filipinas

Similar to writing a thesis or  book or  strategy, it's nice to create a plan for the year to achieve your perceived life plan. Below's mine ;) This kind of elaborates how I can achieve my happiness, I think ;)
There's also this bucket list pre-determined or suggested by BDJ. I only placed a dot on those that I want and I wrote some more! I'm also glad that I was able to check some.
There's also a dream board where you can place a visual picture of the dreams you have for life that you want to come true.
Love these articles that could inspire you to turnaround life or yourself. There's one per month in the planner.
The the events this year! I would really like to go out and explore a lot of things - talk to women, talk to you (maybe in bazaar's), go to places - because I think that's the way to collect experiences and to truly live life ;)
The monthly overview lets you input random thoughts, events, etc. I like some personal touches on planning my busy life really. haha
Weekly, BDJ planner has a lot more than just time-scheduling your to do's and events. There are weekly affirmations, professional priorities, major goals, personal errands, list of anything, Things I'm grateful for. The most important task (MIT) also helps in valuing priorities. For me, last week was about planning my 2013, starting to be active in blog, and keeping my health, fitness (hello sexy solutions) and beauty on track, more than makeup or cosmetics.
The special pages are also nice! Of course, I wanted to have a healthy cash flow and I could incentivise myself monthly for that.
Health plan with some reminders on what to do to annually and daily.
Supplementing my body with new products Im trying - Calcium from CalChews, ThioCell (Glutathione oral absorption which really maintains the glow of my skin), Digestics and Spirulina for Royale (veggie supplement) 
One of my aspirations this year is to travel a lot of places. I'm booked for Palawan this month and Bangkok for the next and I'm excited share with you my experiences.
Above is the Tapestry Page. I think I need to actualise ways to share my blessings with others. I also would like to support advocacies.
With the planner come a Focus/Finish notepad where you can track where you are in your plans.
There are also stickies that come with this.
BDJ also gives away a lifestyle card and lots of coupons (my favourites featured below) which are amazing!!
Love Coffee Bean, but I love Starbucks more when it comes to coffee. But I'm keeping all the coupons from both ;) I also love tea sometimes! #caffeinelover
More beauty perks from Goody, Canmake, Zen Zest, Celeteque, The Spa, Tokyo Posh, Rustan's The Beauty Source, Cream Factory, Saforelle, BrowHaus, Strip
Food (Serenetia, Seafood Island, Red Crab, J.CO) and apparel (Bauhaus, Team Manila, The Ramp, Wacoal, Havaianas)
Aside from just perks and planners, BDJ builds a community of women, finding inspiration everyday at ILOVEBDJ.COM

Anyway, so much for planning and I would like to make all of these happen. I hope you'll still be with me in this journey ;)


  1. I love your BDJ Live Life to the Fullest planner! It is simple yet classy. I got the Power Planner and fell in love with it! Now I know why lots of girls/women prefers BDJ over other planners! Soooo Perfect! :)

  2. BDj never fails to make awesome planners! :) I really enjoy having this panner not only because it organizes daily activities etc but it also has the coupons which many enjoyed! :D

  3. Lovely blog!! For sure following! Check mine out if you get a chance! :)

  4. I have been a BDJ Power Planner user since 2011. I love that it contains everything I need to make
    my life easier, also the coupons are a bonus. Hope you can do a talk for a BDJ event Mikki.


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