Lagen, El Nido

A few weeks ago,  I was lucky to experience El Nido, thanks to NIVEA's very exciting summer getaway. Just recently, El Nido Resorts in the municipalities of El Nido and Taytay, Palawan, was named as one of 12 finalists worldwide in the 2013 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards (TTA), one of the most prestigious and highest accolades in the global travel and tourism industry. It was also named "one of the best places in the world to take your girlfriend in 2014" by GQ Magazine.


The municipality of El Nido is a small archipelago composed of 45 islands. In 1981, Miniloc Island Resort was established by Ten Knots Development Corporation. A second resort with 51 rooms was constructed in 1998 in Lagen Island, while the third was opened in 2010 on Apulit island, which is in the municipality of Taytay, and has 50 rooms. The fourth resort with 42 villas on Pangulasian Island opened its doors a few months ago. 
Besting 133 other applications from destinations and businesses from more than 46 countries on six continents, the group of four eco-resorts that carry the El Nido brand was nominated for the Community Benefit Award. It is one of only three finalists in this category. Other categories in the awards aimed at recognizing best practices in sustainable tourism are: Destination Stewardship Award, Conservation Award and Global Tourism Business Award. El Nido Resorts was also a TTA finalist in 2007. 

Moreover, the way the people of this resort protect the environment is award-winning as well and I noticed this during my stay (more details on my next post!). Laurent Lamasuta, president of Ten Knots Development Corporation, explained the company’s commitment to environmental protection: “We safeguard the vital resources upon which our business is founded. In so doing, we create long-term value for our shareholders and our host communities.” 
The group of resorts has been operating for the past 30 years and proof of its commitment to sustainability is the fact that snorkeling in Miniloc Island, where its oldest property is located, remains a spectacular showcase of biodiversity. Mariglo Laririt, El Nido Resorts’ director for sustainability, observes: “That can only have been made possible by the fact that we have a well-maintained sewage treatment plant and a solid waste program that is uncompromising. That is also because we have well-trained nature guides who steer snorkelers’ fins away from the fragile corals while sharing with them scientific names.” 

Moreover, the harmonious relationship between the operators of the four eco-resorts and of the locals “has enabled us to continue with business unhindered, purchasing, recruiting and promoting from among them,” she says. Ninety per cent of all the employees are locals and turnover rate at the resort has remained low. 

All employees likewise go through a program on environmental conservation called Be GREEN (Guard, Respect, Educate El Nido). This same program has been adopted by some of the local elementary and high schools. Better yet, El Nido Resorts supervisors are required to run programs for locals on food and beverage, kitchen and housekeeping skills among others. Although not all trainees are hired by El Nido, participants get a training certificate issued by local NGO partner El Nido Foundation thus, increasing their chances of employment in the other resorts in the area. 
Some years ago, EL Nido Resorts made a decision to offer a more sustainable menu to guests, according to its website This meant using as many local organically-grown ingredients as possible to contribute to the growth of the local economy. Today, as much as 58 per cent of all ingredients used by the resorts are sourced from locals. 

Known in the province of Palawan to have pioneered in island resorts development, El Nido Resorts’ standards has become over the years a template that has been acknowledged by the local government as well as other resort operators. I am excited to share what I experience in this beautiful island in my photo diaries but let's celebrate and congratulate the successes of El Nido!

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Photos and information courtesy of El Nido Resorts


  1. ANG GANDA!!! *speechless*
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  2. Panoramic and other words i can describe this paradise..

  3. So breathtaking. :) Another reason to be proud of being a Filipino. :) This is one of my dream destination. :) Its more fun in the PH! :D

  4. oh my god breathtaking ang views. sobrang ganda. im agree with fati. another reason to be proud of being a Filipino. your so lucky to be a part of that Lagen Vacay Experience :)

  5. Makes me wanna go there soon! :) The place is just so perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this, Mikki! :) El Nido is now part of my bucket list. :)

  6. It's breathtaking! I like to go there more than Boracay. :) I visited the website, you can choose to book in hotels with flight or hotels's nice that they have options. :) btw, i'm athletegoddess in IG. :)

  7. Ohhh my dream destination in the Philippines. Uber thanks for sharing, now I'm even more inspired to go there.. hopefully by this year. Ü


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