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Maybelline Bold Matte

Maybelline Color Sensatonal Bold Matte Lipsticks packaging

Last year, Maybelline launched lipsticks that are called "matte" but I don't think they are. See swatches below with comparisons.

Maybelline's Color Sensational is a great affordable lipstick line for sure, with high colour payoff as you can see here, which is one of the most popular posts in this blog. With the ongoing trend for vivid bold colours, which is extremely achievable through a matte texture and finish, Maybelline released Bold Matte which promises non-drying formula, high colour quality and a matte finish. Let's review!
Maybelline Color Sensational Bold Matte Lipsticks
SRP: PHP 300+
Availability: Leading Department Stores Nationwide

(+) Maybelline's Bold Matte line has a variety of colours - mostly reds though.
(+) Nice packaging for its price, reflecting the real colour of its product.
(+) Product smells nice with a sweet scent - reflected by the honey hector ingredient which makes this lipstick actually ultra-hydrating which you can see on the swatches below. And it's supposed to be like that when compared to matte lipsticks because matte means there's a higher level of pigment in the product.
(-) Versus a known matte brand/product, Maybelline's "matte" line is not comparable in terms of texture and finish. As you can see in below swatch, the product has a level of shine and moisture which makes it  creamy than matte.
Swatch of Maybelline Bold Matte 3 vs. competitors - 2 coats, with flash
(-)Now while the reds below from different lines are not the same, you can see that Maybelline's new bold matte lipstick is almost the same vis-a-vis its old colour sensational line
(+) Nonetheless, the new Bold Matte displays the same level of colour quality and vividness as the old Color Sensational line - which are both comparable in this aspect to an expensive colour brand like MAC.
(+) Also, versus an "ultra-color" line of a close competitor in its price range, Maybelline boasts of intense colour.
Swatch of Maybelline Bold Matte 5 vs. competitors - 2 coats, with flash
(-/+) However, the new matte line is not that different from the old when it comes to the kinds of colors. Below is a sample. A slight increase in intensity of colour can be seen though from the new one.

Swatch of Maybelline Bold Matte 1 vs. competitors - 2 coats, with flash
(+) The Maybelline lipsticks though still don't compromise on colour and its ability to last. This one stays for up to 6 hours.
(+) Truly hydrates lips and reduces appearance of lines.
Swatch of Maybelline Bold Matte 1 vs. competitors - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of Maybelline Bold Matte 1 vs. competitors - 2 coats, with flash

Overall, the Maybelline "Bold Matte" cannot be called matte and is quite similar to its mother line. Now, do I still prefer Maybelline? The answer is yes. In its category, honestly, Maybelline displays a very good quality of lipstick in terms of colour payoff, moisture, wearability and lasting effect. It could have been been just extension of the Color Sensational products which are sensational really in their bold effects, than introducing a "matte" line of lipsticks. 


  1. I agree. not matte at all but I love the finish! didn't look dry on your lips. great color payoff as well :)

    ps. thanks for comparing it with other lipsticks! now we see the difference :)

  2. I love Maybelline products and I wouldn't mind trying this out as well. I love the finish on your lips! You pulled off a great review of this since you compared it with its competitors.

  3. One of my favorite maybelline lipstick!!! I see nothing but glam wearing these lippies! :D