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Maybelline Dream Liquid

In Fairness!! That's all I can say because while mousse foundation is something that I would refrain from using because I hate it when it cakes and builds, this one just changed everything. Let's see why.


Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse Foundation
SRP: PHP 599
Availability: Leading Department Stores nationwide

(+) I love that the packaging is not in jar which means that at first impression, this mousse is more liquidy than creamy. Perfect for my oily skin type, but I believe that it's for all skin types as you will see below.
(+) I got a shade called Natural Beige in Medium 2.5 which looks darker on my white arms, but looks fine on my face with swatches below. I love that this line has 6 different shades
(+) Upon first pump, the product is liquid but rich and compact. It can be easily applied and blended.
best foundation air brush maybelline dream liquid mousse

(+) The texture is just very soft and creamy. It's liquid but you can feel the smoothness of the product
(+) The finish is semi-matte which is good for my skin type as you can see below. Not too creamy or glossy looking which makes it already ready-to-go or perfect before a powder foundation. It is not too matte as well as it gives a slightly dewy final look.
(+) Coverage is full and consistency is really good without running out. Just based on the arm swatches, it already concealed my veins and revealed a skin that looks natural and not too made up.

best foundation air brush maybelline dream liquid mousse (+) Usually, if it's moose, it cakes and it's not meant to be layered with a lot of products like powders and blushes or colors, but this one is just perfection: it doesn't mix with other products and it stays! I bet it would even look better with cream-based blushes. Maybelline also released a blush-on with the same key ingredient and I'm just excited to try that because of this.
(+) What is also best with this is that it doesn't feel too heavy despite the nature of the product.
best foundation air brush maybelline dream liquid mousse (+) Poreless perfection (because it fills in the pores very nicely) and indeed very similar to air brush with my close up photo below. Impurities are covered with a healthy-looking finish.
(+) One way to prove also it's anti-caking property is its interaction with facial hair. Just see the photo below, and you'll see no sign of the product building up or separating.
(+) Not dull, not too white, just nude and a new, better skin.
best foundation air brush maybelline dream liquid mousse (+) Oil-free, fragrance-free,  Dermatologist-tested, allergy-tested, non-comedogenic – won’t clog pores, safe for sensitive skin
(+) Lasting powder is good. Most mousse would cake after a few hours but this one isn't and it lasts for about 6-8 hours.

I have been a Maybelline foundation user for years because I find it affordable for daily use despite lacking in coverage and consistency. But this one, I would even buy it even at a higher price! I was surprised because the brand is not really my dream brand when it comes to foundation but I might have to reconsider and now reevaluate my expensive foundtions. I definitely recommend to everyone, and will surely repurchase.


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  2. Nice review :-) gonna buy it tomorrow .

  3. Which color do you recommend for skin with neautral undertones.
    Because alot of foundations i try look way too pink or orange on my face incomeparison to my neck.
    If it helps i wear Lancome 24 hour liquid foundation in 210n which dries down way too pink and Mac nc25 but that is even way too orange. Like a literal orange.

    Just something for light/medium skin olive skin tone.
    Thanks so much.