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2012 was a really good year for me. So I decided to give back with one of things that I can share - beauty. Orly invited me to join their workshop to women of Kaisang Buhay Foundation, which helps pregnant women who don't have yet the means of taking care of their child - who then will eventually be considered for adoption.

When I was in college, I was the president of an organization called Ateneo Management of Applied Chemistry Association where MAC majors are tasked to bring their expertise in applied chemistry to teach a lot of things (yes, chemistry can do a lot) like soap/detergent-making, ice-cream-making, etc in less developed areas that can help them start their own business and potentially help them earn money and sustain life.

Orly teaching a trick in using a nail color - not to overly shake but just roll upside down to avoid accidents and save up on the investment
Similarly (except that we didn't create nail polish here), the techniques that Orly, one of the leaders in beauty and nail care (and Wet n' Wild, L.A. colors), taught them were not just potential income or cash, it's something that these women can hold on to in moving on with life, with a skill that they can use to start fresh and maybe consider having a family that they can own in the future...
In a salon, or through manicure-pedicure home service where they can earn a minimum of P800 a day, these mothers can truly earn a living. I asked our regular one (who already sent her children to school and bought a house and lot because of her job and hard work) and she said that if she works 8 hours a day, with one client in every 2 hours for full service nail care, she will earn P250-300x4. That totals P1200 a day which is not that bad.
a picture from one of the handouts they gave out to the women.
Aside from techniques, the mothers were given the kits as you can see below which contains everything they need - acetone, cotton, nail cutters, polishes, coats, filers, etc. I think that this makes them more ready than ever, with the right tools, to finally work (because most of them didn't have stable jobs).
We learned a lot in terms of cleaning our nails!
Using Wet n' Wild's quick dry nail polish which could help them save time and service more clients
Orange! If we only had time, I would have also helped by teaching them nail art which is very in demand!
Break time and the mothers presented a dance number for us. Full of energy!!
all so eager to demo and practise!
And they did a very good job on my nails! I will definitely get them since my cuticle sucks! haha
We also toured the house and I found this cute little thing! I really wanna adopt one so soon when I'm ready ;)
Donna, Marketing Manager of the brands, also want too!! ;)
VP of Sprint Asia Beauty with her cute daughter!!
And this workshop was not just a livelihood project for me. Going there made me realize the value of life, of family, of working hard to sustain a home, not just a house, because after all, these women also treat themselves like a part of one big family.

Thanks Sprint Asia Beauty for having me. I will have more in 2013 (one is scheduled early January for the Department of Budget and Management) and I'm so excited to help and immerse myself in the lives of women with the spell of less opportunities than others.

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  1. This is a very touching and heartwarming post, Ms. Mikki! If you have a project involving teachers, don't hesitate to ask. I would be very happy to take part in it. ^__^

    I am available during weekends. =)


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