Here, ageing comes with pressure. My mother would always ask me (or even beg me!) to have children, and even if I really want to give it to her, I just can't, for now. Parents have a certain expectation when it comes to support. Friends would ask about the boyfriend. And then there is this question: "Are you happy?" Or more... of beauty! "Take advantage of your youth! The hairline will get to you, the hormones will be weak,  the wrinkles and fine lines will all appear, and all the opportunities (especially, romantic) will be gone soon."

As I deal with all kinds of stress, I just keep on moving forward. I'll just keep on doing the things that I love, no matter how it matters, bust most especially for others. And just grateful of the freedom and wisdom and opportunities and happy times that you get slowly then fully, when happiness is about acting on and living in your beliefs. I am just thankful and ready to give it all more! Happy birthday to me! 


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