All-Out Fabulous

Friday, July 25, 2014

Vancouver-based MAC Senior Artist Caitlin Callahan came to the Philippines for a MAC Technique workshop aiming to teach artists and loyal customers how to recreate the looks for one's personal style. I just love how she can reinvent typical smokey eye into something novel and fresh. Here are my key learnings:

1. To recreate the traditional smokey eye, experiment with colors and change focus (center or bottom).
2. When applying pigments or placing something on the eyes, tilt your head up, look down, keep your eyes downward but not closed to really see how the eyes will look like when opened. 
3. When doing eyebrows, make sure that you can still see the skin through. Use the Brow Set on hair, not skin.
4. For night makeup, change textures in eyes or lips for more intensified look. 


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