The Alcazar Cabaret

Pattaya, Thailand is very known for its cultural shows or cabaret's featuring very beautiful and sexy Thai transgenders. As the "Ladyboy Capital of The World", these shows provide a different representation of trans women in Pattaya that's popularly known with its red light districts.

The shows feature different dances - from Thai traditional performances, folk, and even pop and R&B ( I saw them performance glamorously the one you're hearing now from Kylie Minogue). The production design and costumes are really world-class. The sets transition in just minutes and they're no ordinary!!! Me, my cousin and sister were just amazed at everything we saw for around an hour and a half that we wanted to have our pictures taken outside with every transgender performer we liked.
One can see how good and talented these trans women - in different shapes, kinds and sizes - lip sync for their audience which is a mix of men, young professionals and even family members touring Pattaya.  It is not too sexy or daring that even kids were allowed to watch the show. In The Philippines, it like the The Amazing Show but Alcazar Cabaret (combining all the other famous shows in Pattaya too like Tiffany's) is really making these performers stars on their own with the amount of tourists paying for the entrance. It is also very great to know (from the documentary Ladyboys on Sky Living) how it is also run/owned by a trans sister who takes care of her performers and employees who are mostly members of the LGBT community. .

Overall, the show is definitely worth the few hundred baht's that we paid for, packaged in our tour fee. If you are visiting Pattaya, this is definitely something that I recommend you to watch. View the photos I took during the show below!


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