Timeless Glow

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Shiseido Beauty Consultant Momoki Ishabashi also came from Japan to teach how to achieve glowing beautiful skin which has always been the brand's philosophy. As a perfect statement for summer, ageless, refined and healthy skin is a must. Below are some of the techniques she shared. Momoki showed how to properly remove makeup which astonished me as this was very detailed, caring yet effective. For example, when removing mascara, instead of scratching your eyes off which will produce fine lines, close your eyes and using a tissue with cleansing product/oil, pull the mascara product down to the eye skin and then wipe it sideward. Also, we always tend to forget the sides of the lips which become dark because we forget to clean them. Moreover, it is also where lines are so make sure proper skin care and removal of makeup is done. Momoki used a world-famous essence by Shiseido which is inspired by the luster of Japan’s treasured Hanadama pearls harnessing the powers of two ingredients exclusively developed by Shiseido to increase the unique luster and radiance of the skin. In terms of transferring skin care products and makeup on face, dot the product on 5 areas of the face (center of the head, center of nose, the chin, and the middle of the cheeks. Then blend using fingers or a good sponge. In terms of blending, always do a lifting stroke. From the middle of the cheeks, blend the skin care or foundation upwards to the temple of the eyes. On applying blush, from the center of the cheeks, extend the application to the temple of the eyes and near the nose. That way, lines are concealed and color covers the sagging eyes and in effect, produce a lifted skin. I tried the new highlighter/contour/blush product in the picture below and it gives a good natural finish.


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