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OPI's Liquid Sand Technology

In the past few years, various shapes, textures, colours and designs for nail art were created and reinvented because of the trend for extra ordinary nails. Now, how about for 2014? 

Last year, I got an OPI nail set that looked very interesting because it featured the memorable Bond girls and their different personalities which were reflected in the colors and textures. But what was more interesting was the liquid sand technology that was infused in this limited collection. Then months after, OPI released some new (both limited and permanent) products with this technology. Let me review!
OPI Nail Polish (Liquid Sand Technology)
SRP: PHP 645
Availability: Rustan's The Beauty Source

(+) After using a lot of Liquid Sand-based products from OPI, the technology meant that there are bigger or non-liquid particles in the product/liquid/polish that give an extraordinary texture and finish to the nails - like glitters, etc.

(+) The final finish is unique. It becomes super creative because of the texture - others are matte but shimmering, some are metallic or pearly with shimmers.
Swatch of OPI Bond Girls Collection - 2 coats, with flash
(+) My favourite is this colour called Jinx. It gives full consistency and coverage the most - because of the colour but the clear ones need more coats to be perfect.
(+) At first coat, though, it you ca see how the "sand" or particles are already there.
(+) Quickly dries! Unbelievably good at this aspect.
(+) Second coat gives full effect and what I noticed is that even if you put more layers, it gives better finish and final effect (meaning, the particles aren't overshadowed by the colour or pigment)

(+) In my last NOTD, using the regular liquid sand products like this one called "It's Frosty Outside", I noticed that the regular sized product has a really good brush that delivers full consistency and transfer.
(+) But also, versus the limited one, this has better texture and finish.
Swatch of OPI It's Frosty Outside - 2 coats, with flash
Swatch of OPI It's Frosty Outside - 2 coats, with flash
(+) Across the different variants, this OPI Liquid Sand makes me retouch my nails easily because even if the polish chips off after weeks, it can layered on with the regrowth
(+) Versus nail art like from BYS, this has better lasting effect (1-2 weeks). Of course, since glitters is already in the liquid, there's no messy application.

Overall, while a bit expensive from usual department store brands, quality and innovation of the polish is its selling point and versus actual nail arts, there's convenience, wearability and better lasting results.
Mini Nail Set (4pcs) is worth PHP 795

Saw the holiday collection featuring Mariah Carey and the colours look good as well!


  1. The shade of OPI its Frosty Outside looks interesting!

    ~Pauline @Kallony

  2. That's a nice sand finish of the OPI Bond Girls collection. I really haven't tried using OPI but I heard they have better finish and it lasts longer on the nails compared to other brands.

  3. One of my favorite Nail Polish brands! :)