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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Nowadays, "nail art" is becoming more accessible to a lot of us with various templates, stickers/wraps and other forms which for me makes it less of an art. While the concept of instant nails that a lot of the brands offer give us convenience and comfort, there are just times when you need a drawing or painting on the nails that reflects how you feel!

So last week, I got the chance to meet a fabulous artist, Mimi Qui, who's also now the creative ambassador of the No. 1 nail brand in Korea called Bandi. She has 1 main shop in Malate which I've heard of before through my tita who would go to there for special designs and add-ons. And I really like how she worked on my nails. Despite the 1 hour I had, which is very short for her (plus she really hated how I rush the process haha), she took so much effort on how executing the design that I had pegged and chosen with Bandi. And she's super nice too! 

Mimi's passion for nail art started at a young age as she believes that the design of the nail speaks to the wearer's character, mood and likes. She enjoys using Bandi because of the color selection for Asians.

But also, versus acrylic which dries faster, gel nail polishes allow more time for her to blend, create and draw. I like how Bandi takes the gel to another level. And oh, it really stays so long - the art and the crystals are still on my nails even after 1 week!


Nail Artist philippines mimi qui
Bandi Creative Brand Ambassador, Mimi Qui

Together with the launch of BANDI's F/W collection that I attended last week, they're proud to introduce the first creative ambassador of their brand, Mimi Qui. 

Before the actual nail art, Gelique, which is Bandi's line of gel polishes were layered on my nails using a neutral color to serve as base. This product is one great gel product because I have testified to how strong and lasting it is (see last photo)

Gelique Smoky Coat & Phyton Skin swatches*
SRP: PHP 850
Availability: Zalora, Mi & Me Nail Art, Posh Nails, Nail Tropics, etc

Above are the swatches of the new collection called Smoky Coat & Phyton Skin which were ALL used for my art. The gray wool coats of the season give inspiration to the Smoky Coat shades (Smoky Gray, Ink Blue, Burgundy Wine, Choco leather) while the rich exotic leather of Fall's it bags on the others hand, give inspiration to the Phyton shades. (Emperor Gold, Khaki Jacket, Green Coat, Pink Mustang)

The above pattern is based on the "It bag" nail art design mimicking the look of crocodile leather.

I chose this one however. It's like the skin of beetle which amazes me but made more luxurious!

Just like makeup, Mimi said that the Bandi brushes are one of the best in the industry.

Sold individually (per salon price) or per pack (for salons or artist), the Dia Carat Collection of Bandi looks authentic!

Artist used a special glue to attach it. I tried one before and the studs were just easily removed but this one is different.

Mimi trying to prove how strong the gel and crystals are attached. At first, my nail (especially the one studded) felt so heavy but through time it just looks natural!

Finished art! 

After 1 week, gel and art still intact!

Above is Trixie Reyna's croc pattern which is very nice as well!

Oh well of course, Gel polishes need great base and removers. Will have to check out one salon to remove mine but I really hope not too soon because it is so pretty!

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