Gandiva Archery

Being the Hunger Games fan that I am (And still in a Mocking Jay hangover), and given that my friend who works here has been insisting to let me try this Archery range, and that life has been becoming quite boring and inactive (read: non-sporty!), it's time to try new things!

Not a lot of my friends know, but in my younger years, I've been really active with a lot of sports like volleyball, fencing (Yes, I took this as well!!), golf, tennis, and badminton. I really like activities that train my coordination and balance (and sometimes those that let me release my anger and stress haha). And archery reminded so much of playing golf when I was younger. It's all about the stance, coordination, balance  and a lot of things that involve focus.

I think I found a new sport. You too can try this for as low as PHP 980/hour (with trainor) at Gandiva Archery Range located at Once Corporate Center, Ortigas. The Archery range has a cafe as well with great healthy food for optimum fitness. See you here soon?


With Sharmaine Galang!

My "'Di ko natamaan" face haha!

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