The Bling Brows

Friday, October 03, 2014

My first encounter with Benefit was with the iconic Browzings which you can see in my previous LOTD's. It is a combination of powder and wax, and color, which would allow you to shape, fill in, and color your brows with your desired intensity.

This was the same product that Jared Bailey, a licensed aesthetician and global Brow expert, used in his Brow Workshop during the Brow Party of Benefit Cosmetics. Aside from the 3 looks he created with the new Benefit Bling Brows x Swarovski, he imparted the idea of "arch" excellence which is his mission for girls around the globe. His technique is one of those practised in all Benefit brow bars around the world - whether coloring, shaping, waxing or styling. He starts off by determining the shape of the brow by making it proportional to the face shape. The thing that's really unique is how he emphasized the arch which the most crucial part because that determines how the face will be contoured or lifted. He then lined the upper part and fixed the tail which is important as well especially for those with round shapes (that would require a longer one).He then filled in the remaining and removed excess with a clean brush.

What I like about the technique is how scientific it is and logical as well to place the pigment and shape first and then blend. This is especially nice and applicable for me who has a round face shape. But also, is how creative he progresses with the Bling Brows, which served as a highlighter for the eyes. Benefit has 3 looks for this: the Touch of Bling, Big time Bling and Over the top Bling. Personally, I wanted the first and last for more contouring of the eyes, where the sparkles would meet the light and make that area pop. Thanks Jared and Benefit for this  and looking forward to more brow missions!


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