Life is a Party

Last month, I attended an event by Heima called "Life Is A Party". I once visited the Heima store years ago and I was fascinated at how beautiful and creative the home pieces are.

Thing is, I love parties at home (and not just because I had slowed down partying in clubs). Weeks before this event, I have found comfort in celebrating Friday and Saturday nights by "staying in" with friends and cousins who live nearby. And it's because it gives so much freedom to play my own music and playlists - and I am proud to say that I have great ones (#feelingDJ), to consume food and drinks that me and my friends like, to do things that we like and share in common (I am known for showing Beyonce songs and videos to my friends haha), and to just enjoy each other's stories and interests.

My visit in Heima and My Apt - which is more for men; but despite this, I really like the industrial and modern feel of this more - made me appreciate more of that, with pieces that compliment and improve parties at the house, with the belief that each home is different. Maybe when I get to transfer to a new place, i could host more parties for friends and relatives! Or night makeup workshops, Yes?


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