Year-In-Review 2014


My first month started with a trip in Palawan, after our usual vacation in Batangas. I've never been to such a beautiful place and I'm still dreaming of it everyday. ;) It made me appreciate nature and the wonders of this country. Visited a few more local spots, and will definitely explore more this 2015!

Then Pattaya, which I've been wanting to visit and explore, and Singapore. I had planned a few more but budget didn't allow, but I think I enjoyed every bit of the places I went to last year, saw beautiful things and found myself (CHOS). Kidding aside, traveling inspired me so much!

2. Rekindled Love for Music
And it was because of that really artistic and genuine Beyonce album that launched before the start of 2014. Ever since I was kid, I was dreaming of becoming a musician and was such a fan of artists - pop, rock, R&B, OPM, EDM are my favorites -  and this year, I think I have developed better taste for music ;). Last year, I attended a few concerts and gigs of artists that I adored and I hope I'd still have the money to attend more this year especially that there are a lot coming!

3. My body. Mine
Last year was the year that I decided to career-in my OOTD's. I loved doing it because cliche as it may sound, it's definitely one of the many ways that I can further express myself in this blog!

4. Beauty and A Beautiful Community 
I think attended a lot more events, launches, lunches, and out-of-town trips (Sample Room at Pico De Loro + NIVEA bloggers at Palawan!) last 2014 than 2013 and 2012. The beauty industry has definitely been becoming bigger and more aggressive year after yeaqr. Nonetheless, I enjoyed doing a lot of these despite how difficult and time-consuming they are (see post about his here), especially when with people who share the same passion as I have, my beloved beauty blogging community!

5. Beauty For Others. And More 
But more than doing reviews and LOTD's, I also had a lot of workshops this year.  I think I did 5 this year and was happy to realize that I have the best readers! Before the year ended, I also did the makeup of Rita Sebastian - who I think attended ALL of my workshops since 2012  ;) - and the girls in her hospital for their Christmas party.  Thank you, girls, for always supporting my events!

But also, it was the time that I relaunched this blog after a long break. I realized that I wanted this to be more than just cosmetics and expanded my horizon! I have a lot more in store this year as I'm working on a secret project and I hope that you will still be with me ;)

6. Fight for the LGBTIQ
It was also this year that I became more active, maybe also curious, and vocal about the community that I belong to and the struggles that come with. I was able to speak about transgenders when it was the peak of the Jennifer Laude issue. I also attended the first #QCPrideMarch which made me so happy and empowered as a Transpinay and STRAP member. And then of course the things that we love: pageants and shows ( Miss Pussy 2014, Alcazar Cabaret, Pattaya, etc!)

7. A Closer Family
It was a difficult year for us, but that made us stronger, I think. I love my family and love spending time with them. It was also the year that my parents turned 50, and was so happy to have organized parties for their special moments!

I also probably danced and drank so much this year, but it was not like when I was really younger where I would almost go to clubs and bars every week. This time, it was much more of quality times, drinks, and great music with new and old friends at reunions, parties and music festivals which I've begin to love even more.

Thanks for being part of my year, and looking forward to the next one!

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