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Color Riche L'extraordinaire

Color Riche is one of my popular posts in the blog as it is one of the first lipsticks that I reviewed in detail. It is one of those pigmented yet affordable lipsticks available in department stores. Now, With Color Riche L’Extraordinaire, L'OrĂ©al Makeup Designer / Paris has created "a new generation of makeup - with color more intense than a lipstick, luster more sophisticated than a gloss, and comfort that is smoother than a balm." Below is my rating of this luxurious Parisian product, with justifications.

OVERALL: 4.75/5

REVIEW: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

Lately, I have been worrying about my hair because aside from thinning (ugh, genetics!), it has become extremely damaged and sensitive due to all the coloring (plus retouching), post-trauma from bleaching and curling (now I'm slowly cutting the affected area off) that I  do to my hair. Well, I consider half of my hair practically dead but I don't wanna shorten my hair easily so i just deal with it through products that can help restore the problems of split ends, dryness, roughness, etc . 

So when I got this news from Sample Room that Pantene is introducing a new version of the Total Care conditioner which I had used back in college when I had that really long straight hair which needed intensive and preventive products for damage management, I definitely wanted to try it. I didn't have any problem with Pantene before even with my oily and dandruff-prone scalp (I have always used Head & Shoulders as my shampoo then I use other conditioners for special needs) so it was interesting to test the new bigger promise by Pantene-  a 3-minute damage control.


30 Things of 2014

2014 was a big year for beauty and with launches, relaunches and limited editions left and right, online or department store level, it gets exciting but also a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, I still get confused and amazed at the same time whenever I visit a cosmetics store, but below are my favorites from last year that are unique, hard-working and special in their ways!


Orange is the New Black

Ever since I bought the MAC Morange and Sounds Like Noise lipsticks a year ago, I've been interested in this shade. Whether with a plain eye makeup or a full on smokey eye, orange has become my go-to color and for me, is the new classic/staple. Now, I added more to my collection and below are my reviews!



In honor of World AIDS Day, "It's Not Over", a feature length documentary film by award-winning film maker Andrew Jenks and is made possible by the MAC Aids Fund, the charitable arm of MAC Cosmetics, offers the global audience an inspiring look at how young people today are facing the challenges of HIV. I have seen a few films - local and international -  that showcase lives of people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, but rarely it is in popular culture especially in the contemporary times that there is a personal or inspiring story (see how the the docu is even titled) that humanizes this issue. I saw one quote recently that says " HIV/AIDS has no boundaries" and while still, a lot of people see this disease as only from the eighties or a "gay disease", there is a need to solve these misconceptions, single-faced representations and the fact that there is lack of talk or words about this to end this epidemic. Knowing is winning. But also, communicating this, especially to the youth, which is over 30% of all new infections, according to research, can eventually lead to an AIDS-free generation. And the film targets that by illustrating a deeply personal and uplifting story of three young people from different parts of the world who are living with or affected by HIV in vastly different, yet astonishingly inter-connected ways.

Source and Photos: MAC AIDS FUND