A Fragrance Fest

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Fragrances: one of my waterloos, really. For me, my mood is proportional to the scent of my environment. A lot of my memories are kept in bottles and jars (and that is why I always keep them even if there is just 1/8 of the total ml remaining). Part of how I represent myself is also dependent on oils and perfumes. So when SM Store invited me to a "Fragrance Festival", I definitely couldn't resist it.

In the festival, there were different brands that represented different olfactive families: Versace for florals, Elizabeth Arden for fruity, Davidoff Cool Water for Fresh, Giorgio Armani for Oceanic, Thierry Mugler for Woody, Agent Provocateur for Oriental. As for me, Fruity, Floral, Fresh and Oceanic caught my attention (in that order).

SM Store Ambassadors Tessa Prieto-Valdez, Jm Rodriguez and Maggy Wilson

Host Bianca Valerio who looked stunning in her floral outfit. Definitely belonged to the Versace family ;)

MY scent! Reviews of the Versace crystals here.

With Shari of The Misty Mom and Yuki Tansengco

This is the lightest version of the Acqua di Gioia, which I began to love since last year

New limited edition Elizabeth Arden perfumes. I didn't like so much the Cherry Blossom but Yuzu was a great scent

Davidoff Cool Water, which is one of those classic cool scents

Night Dive, the latest addition to the brand, which inspired me a few months ago, and is more floriental than the original. I like that it's deeper and more intense/sensual than the fresh Davidoff that we've known

How about you? What family of fragrance do you belong to? 

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