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I will be starting a new series where I share more about ingredients in products that I like, or that's new or that seem interesting to me ;) Sometimes I just wanna bring out the chemist in me (and I just miss! haha) so let's with Baobab, a common name of a genus of trees (Adansonia)!


Adasonian tree (which is quite famous for its appearance - note the trees in the packaging and not the ones in the jars - those are just props haha) is one of the most most famous trees of Africa, and it is often called the upside down tree because it looks as though it is growing roots upwards (source). As per Wikipedia, other common names include 'boab', 'boaboa', 'bottle tree', 'the tree of life', 'upside-down tree', and 'monkey bread tree'.


The tree, which is generally present at low altitudes and in the hotter, drier areas, can store up to 120,000 litres of water - now we know why it's called the tree of life!! (source)

It can provide food, shelter, water and clothes. These trees store water in their trunks and are able to survive years of drought. They also live up to thousands of years. (source) There are a lot of uses known but is also very popular as an ingredient of cosmetic products because of its oil's essential fatty acids and powerful antioxidants.

In cosmetic products, Baobab are used or combined with other ingredients. Last year, I saw 2 Baobab lines from Burt's Bees and Etude House that caught my attention. The left one with 53% Baobab "water" - extract in the form of toner, while the right are moisturizers with Baobab Oil. Let's talk about the latter first.


The Baobab oil is cold-pressed from the seeds of the tree. It is said to be viscious, rich and silky in texture. It is used mainly as an emollient. 

Burt's Bees Ultimate Care line
SRP: PHP 750 (body); PHP 950 (hand)
Place Bought: FREE
Availability: Beauty Bar

Burt's Bees recently released a line (I got the body lotion and hand cream) that has Baobab oil as its key ingredient. it is combined with Pumpkin seed oil and green tea extract to solve extremely dry skin. 

I really liked how deep the moisturization the line gives for both hands and body. Knowing Baobab, I thought it was going to be too thick and sticky - which will feel liken at the start - but it penetrated deep after a few minutes and didn't give a greasy finish.

Above shows how moisturized and a bit nourished my arm became few minutes after drying the lotion and hand cream. The scent is also not too strong and the moisture lasts for a long time. It is a line that i would recommend for those with really dry and rough skin.

Now the "water"! Etude House harnessed the ability of the tree using the extract from the fruit to form a "water" / milky toner that could moisturize for a clear and moist complexion.

Etude House Pure Water Baobab Moist Skin
SRP: PHP 578
Place Bought: FREE
Availability: Etude House in malls nationwide
Swatching the toner, it appeared and felt like water. I tried this milky type toner and it was absorbed by the skin very fast without leaving a greasy feel as well. I really like how moisturizes deep and quick, and with Moringa seed extract which is also a nice moisturizing ingredient, it is perfect for dry and sensitive skin.

I have tried both products for 1 week and the results were amazing. I also have noticed how they help clear and rejuvenate skin in arm and face because probably Baobab is also known to have antioxidants. These would be perfect for summer where skin need moist the most!

Have you tried any Baobab-based product? Did you like it?

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