I am not a pageant person but there's this one contest that I join to almost every year. This lovely barkada (called "Pussy" who comprise mostly of Ateneo Dollhouse members as well) started a pageant called Miss Pussy World International of the Universe back in 2005 at one home and it evolved into a yearly event where all friends and circles would watch over brave pageant queens who are judged according to beauty = wit + creativity + poise. Last December, it celebrated its 10th year anniversary and 2013 Queen, Maffy Silvala, organized this year's grand event.

Last year, I was not able to join but as a beterana for 6 years already, this has been a great venue for all of us beks to just have fun, celebrate and bond over spiels, costumes and mga paandar. This year was my highest rank so far (1st runner-up na! haha) but despite all the bigness and "competition", I always have fun doing this, really! See you next year again, #MPWIU!

More photos here.


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