Thursday, January 29, 2015

Last week, Maybelline introduced a new line of powder foundation that promises to keep Filipinas super fresh this 2015. We got to really know what's behind this innovation in the event through a test that you will see below.  Compared to other two-way cake foundations which traps in sweat and sebum, leaving the skin oily, plus the troublesome cakes and cracks that makes the skin look darker, White Super Fresh's Clean-touch Technology promises to battles all these, enabling its absorption power five times better than regular talc. Comparing it to one of the best-selling affordable powder in the market, it was indeed a different kind of powder that Filipinas can rely to.

“Women feel best about themselves right after they’ve had a morning shower and freshly-applied makeup. However, as the day goes, their skin is under attack by heat, humidity, and pollution that leads to sweat build-up which eventually pounds down their confidence!” shared Cary Noreen Co, Maybelline New York Product Manager. “This is where Maybelline New York comes in by offering the must-have powder foundation to make sure she always has that fresh feel confidence with White Super Fresh,” added Co.


The Fresh Test which is an absorption test comparing Maybelline's powder to one of the leading two-way cakes in the market  

I repeated the test at home and sprayed water religiously and you can refer to the box and see how the left side (competitor) didn't absorb much water. On my fingers, the right side (competitor) also caked with water. This shows how Super Fresh with Volcanic Pertile Technology was able to retain the abilities of the powder.
I attended recently an event that had the same technology (which is still pending for review) and I'm really loving it! The products that contained it really combat oils and give a matte finish especially for super oily skin like mine. This one is more affordable and has a lower foundation coverage that's perfect for everyday use. And the best part is that it only costs PHP 299!

More of what happened during the event below.

Launch held at Cafe 1771

Maxine Maia Ang of Maybelline Philippines

Also got to try one of the newest launches, Color Show nail polish which had nice vibrant shades that doesn't easily chip off as well.

Hi Shen!

I didn't know Maybelline also had nail art tools like this one and it's nice to use in accentuating bright hues!

Hi Hydra!

Chuchie Ledesma of Maybelline Philippines

They have excellent blow-dry services! 

The line will be launched this February 28 in leading Maybelline counters nationwide!

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