A Color Play Workshop

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Last February, together with Inglot Philippines, I organized my nth makeup workshop. I was so grateful that the event was attended very well (the most so far, I think), and despite the fact that I wasn't able to do one-on-one's because of the limited time, I was even happier to know that you learned a lot seeing from your posts. Normally, I would detail/summarize the lessons that I tackled in the workshop, but the blog posts below just made my job easier and I felt so happy that you got a lot re the color wheel, harmonizing, balancing and mixing colors and just being not afraid of colors.
Thanks Marielle and Maiko Kimberly!

Anyway, I just wanna thank you all for always supporting me and my craft. Thank you to those who would attend my workshop over and over again (believing that I can share even more every workshop). Thank you to  the Inglot team, Pauline, Sara, Mark, Lester etc for helping me with the videos, teasers, the actual workshop, and for making me look pretty that day!

I love doing all these events and I will never be tired (and selfish) when it comes to sharing to other people things that i know ;)


made my own color wheel using Inglot's mono's!

My EOTD at the event, using one of the famous pigments by Inglot

Sara, Mark and Lester of Inglot Megamall! Really amazed at their eyebrow techniques!

So glad and inspired to meet her! Despite her hearing disability, she never stops to learn.

Thank you Pauline, Sara, Mark and Lester of Inglot Megamall! Thanks also for sharing your techniques, I learned a lot about the orange color and its power to conceal green hehe ;)

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