Adore Delano Partyy

Last weekend, I watched Adore Delano, one of the top contestants in the previous season of RuPaul's Drag Race, perform for the first time in Manila. I really adored the past season and it made me really appreciate the show (and encouraged me to watch the rest of the series), and the reality and fantasies behind every drag queen's act which I'd come to realize as art. Combine beauty, talent, character and statement.

Ever since the first episode, I really liked how charming, confident, fierce and ambitious (in a good way) Adore was as person, and how she built her drag character based on this. As a previous contestant as well of American Idol, she fought hard in the contest to become a drag super star (and not that she's not already a star in her own way) ;)

In the concert organized by the Dark Room Asia and held at O-Bar Ortigas which was just relaunched with a grander and theatrical feel, Adore showed how talented and unique she was, singing her own songs from her album, lip-syncing a bit with her iconic trashy-yet-glamorous look, and just partying (or puhhrr-eh as Adore would say).

I really enjoyed Adore and the O-Bar queens/girls (I loved Captivating KitKat!) who performed a mix of pop and Rnb songs. Thanks to Jon and Ley for making this experience extra awesome too, and I wanna watch more! I heard more queens from the series will be coming to Manila soon!


O-Bar queens

Adore with her big fan

Captivating KitKat

I like how Adore loved and promoted the drag queens of Manila!

Iconic Adore look! She's so pretty!

With Ley and Jon

My drag look inspired by the iconic eyes of Adore! tee hee

So excited for Alyssa Edwards and Laganja this April 15! I will then make sure that my camera has battery so i can take more photos but thanks so much to Ley who let me borrow her iPhone6 ;)

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