Monday, March 02, 2015

Last week, I attended my first Pond's event and timely, it was a trend forecasting and the launch of the newest innovation from the brand. I was very excited to hear more about this especially when I knew that it's a gel kind of product which has become one famous type of format in the beauty industry. Gels are truly one of the my favorites, despite my oily-sensitive skin. For gel cleansers (and foams sometimes), it has actually become one shortcut for me whenever I'm tired of removing my makeup because it cleanses deeply (depends on the foaming ability as well per product) and leaves skin moisturized and not too dry. And I found great deal from the new Pond's because it cleanses, softens and brightens skin. At the event, Pond's also compared its power versus a harsh whitening soap in the market through a demonstration which you can see below.

I like the scientific approach that Pond's did  and I was impressed with how they have tackled and considered healthy whitening for the skin especially for Filipinas. Moreover, they have partnered with Sample Room which offers free sampling of this range and FREE SHIPPING to everyone  until March 6.


Event held at Aracama. I was really excited to try their food as I have been going there for the night parties! =)
I really like this font!
The Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel highlight. According to Pond's, it has the complex ingredient that is known to work for the Pond's White Beauty range, combined with Pearl essence to whiten skin.
I swatched it on the event and the product was not the heavy kind of gel and it foamed quite well. I didn't have any problem with Pond's cleansers before and this time, I really liked more that it's in a different type and that it's also more fragrant (but Pond's said that it also works well with sensitive skin)
Sample Room partner bloggers
Aracama Filipino Cuisine
How modern the food is with chicharon at the end ;)

Pond's Senior Brand Manger, Jules Gollayan, explained how this is a first from the Pond's Institute. 
Pond's ambassadors Laureen Uy and Nicole Anderson identified some 2015 beauty trends: bare minimalism, gels and multi-tasking products.

Now the demo. Versus a whitening soap (colored orange - I will guess this has some kind of acid in its component), the Pearl cleansing gel did a great job in maintaining the structure and texture of a material that has a protein component in it.

This is to illustrate that the gel cleanser won't destroy the proteins present in our skin which makes it elastic and rigid.

Pond's also showed us a video by users/women sharing their experience of soaps and they mentioned their skin feeling tight after which is an indication of a harsh cleanser.

Mainly as a whitening product, Pond's indeed also addresses healthy skin care with its gel products and I like that's really important and more superior that intense whitening.
Get your free samples with free shipping at Sample Room!
More photos from the event below. Congratulations on this new launch, Pond's!

Sophie Uy of Sample Room

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