Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Sample Room community with Shiseido
The Shiseido International Beauty Fair, which was established last year (see my learnings here), is an institutionalized event that revolves around the theme of “empowering women through beauty”. Together with Sample Room, which will sample some of the new Shiseido Spring-Summer products this year, there were lots of activities that were introduced to us during the event which you can also experience at SM Mega Fashion Hall Activity Center (Megamall) - March 13-19, Podium Activity Center - March 23-28, and SM Mall of Asia Atrium - March 29-31:

1. A masterclass makeup and skincare workshop conducted by highly-trained beauty consultant that flew straight from Shiseido Japan and chief makeup artist Carmel Villongco where you can learn the secrets in achieving flawless, healthy and glowing skin. She will also discussed advanced, yet wearable, make-up techniques to enhance natural beauty. As a bonus, Shiseido will also give personalized course certificates to attendees. 

2. Skincare analysis and consultation using Shiseido’s state-of-the-art skin diagnostic tools like Skin Visiom and Skin Sensor which instantly measures skin’s actual age (versus your real age), moisture level, melanin concentration, immunity of the skin and facial skin’s turn-over rate.

3. Beauty Simulator that mirrors the state of skin once you’ve started on the right skin care regimen plus it simulates a chosen makeup look using Shiseido’s newly-launched makeup collection without having to take out your makeup .

4. Complete Shiseido Makeover that includes eyebrow reshaping and personalized makeup tutorial that touches on balancing techniques specific to your face proportions. 

5. Pampering activities like quick facial that relaxes, tones and lifts facial muscles and hand massage.


Shiseido, a global brand that creates continuous innovations in beauty by combining the most advanced human science with exquisite aesthetic elements, celebrates women's month with the #ShiseidoIBF2015

Japanese inspired set up for the food booth!

The Sun line which me and mom began to love since last year.
A sun care launch with power boosted by water and the sun. This year, Shiseido launches have the concept of working together with the "enemy", as per the brand. 

Dior trying out the complete Shiseido makeover (4), one of the things you can do when you participate in the IBF2015.

When you visit the IBF, I suggest you swatch this sun foundation. It has very nice and lightweight consistency and finish. Although primarily a sunblock, Shiseido never fails to produce great foundation and that's infused in this product. I basically encouraged everyone in the event to try this haha!

Hi Shen!

Free Quick facial (5)

There are contests to where you can get the chance to win one of Shiseido's latest serums.

Shiseido Ultimune which was launched in Sample Room last year.

Jen Jimenez, head of Shiseido Philippines, introducing this year's beauty expert and Shiseido's aim as well for IBF to become a tool for women to realize beauty from within, in line with the International Women's Month.  

This year Shiseido International Fair will be featuring Ms. Naka Maeda, a seasoned beauty consultant from Osaka, Japan.

 The Spring/Summer concept highlight for Shiseido is “Glowing Beauty” together with the launchof new products that aims to revive skin’s glow from within this season. 

 Included in the list are Shiseido Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum, Shiseido Glow Enhancing Primer, Shiseido The Makeup Perfecting Stick Concealers and a lot more. 
Sample Room ladies listening to the talk. Watch out for the Shiseido launch coming up this summer.

After the makeover. I know Rowena's happy because loves Japanese beauty (I remember her recommending to me a Japanese salon that she likes) !

There's also a mobile application/beauty simulator that's available in the booth to let you "sample" the Spring-Summer collection of Shiseido for makeup.

After the event, me, Shari and Tellie went to the store in the second floor of Mega Fashion Hall to check out the branch which offered 20%off on that day. I looked for the sun foundation line!

Tellie purchased the Maquillage line which looked so fine!

Was able to convince Shari to buy the Shisedio Sun stick hehe. Heard she loved it!

See you at this years #ShiseidoIBF2015?

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