REVIEW: Vivere Salon and Swarzkopf Hair Color

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Last April, I was working on "Project Hair". I knew there was something wrong about my color whenever I would check out my pictures and when i was invited by Vivere Salon to try out their services when it opened a branch in Trinoma, I really liked the outcome, even up until now.


I have heard of Vivere Salon before, and I thought that VS stood for Vidal Sassoon. When I asked them what's special about the salon, it was indeed Vidal Sassoon! Their hairdressers (trained by Vidal) create bespoke cuts with an instinctive understanding of hair science and fashion.

Vivere Salon in Trinoma before the official opening
The new branch is very convenient for me as I live in the north and Trinoma is a mall that's accessible to everyone. It's located near the cinemas which is at the uppermost level. 

If you are not so conscious about people seeing your hair transformation, this is just fine (haha!)

Anyway, it was project hair color in preparation for my summer trips. I wanted to curl my hair again but I decided to stick on coloring because my hair is already thinning!! I wasn't able to try the haircut (because I was able to do it in my other salon) services which Vivere is known for - the wash and wear kind which doesn't need a blow dry after - so i opted for a new color! 

The brand they use in the salon is a premium one: Swarzkopf. I'm contented with my brand of hair color but there's something Swarzkopf hair color has that's making me shift! (see before and after photo at the end, and my hair color after 4 months!)

I also tried a scalp treatment by the same brand called Repair and Rescue and it did wonders on my hair. I have sensitive scalp due to previous bleaching but this didn't react badly. Also, the head massage by this salon is really good!

Now let's talk about the hair color. I have always used brown (different sub hues of it) for my hair but I think that I have found one that's so perfect and that lasted for so long. The color is Ash Brown, and it's not so yellow or golden. 

Also, the texture and feel of the hair were great. It didn't look and feel so dry after coloring. 

They also styled my hair so I can see the dimensions of the color.

Comparing it versus my previous color, it was indeed a more suitable brown for my color. It enhanced my skin tone!

best hair color Philippines salon brown
Comparison of the more neutral brown color for my hair
Now if you check my latest selfie on Facebook, you can tell that color hasn't changed so much given that I had multiple beach trips (hello 2 weeks in Boracay) and I didn't use color care products (because I'm using different kind of treatment). 

Swarzkopf products for hair maintenance

I am so impressed by the outcome of my hair color and I really like how the hair stylists know about color theories (suggesting the right kind of brown, etc) and caring for the hair as well. I highly recommend this salon to people who want professional effects on hair.

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