A Story of A Trans Nymph

  In a time long forgot, there was a nymph who lives by the sea that has the ability to transform herself in anything that her heart desires. Not knowing what she really wanted to be, she set off on a journey to find inspiration from nature, emulate its beauty and find contentment. 

 She then went deep into the woods, in a place called fiery forest. There, the nymph found a golden mirror. To test if the gold is real, she used her magic and produced fire--and the impurities that tainted the gold vanished. As a reward for the purification, the enchanted mirror agreed that the nymph use its gold to change how she looks--thereby herself with glitters, metals and gold.

She continued to wander until she stumbled upon a beautiful garden with budding flowers and enchanted butterflies. She then remembered what the elders said--that no garden truly blooms until butterflies have danced upon it. So she danced gracefully around the garden like a butterfly flattering her wings. As she twist and twirl in the rhythm of her dance, the nymph has transformed once again. After the dance, she felt that something isn't right.

She cannot force the flowers to bloom before they should. So the nymph decided to go back to where she started. Upon her return at the enchanted waters, she marveled at how the sun makes the sea sparkle. The beauty that she's looking for is just infront her all along.

 In the end, she decided that she's her own kind of nymph. No need for enchanted mirrors, ritual transformations, of trying to be someone she's not. The young nymph realized that she need not to look far and emulate others to be beautiful and content.


This is a  creative story about my journey as a transgender and a beauty guru. If you can relate to it, VOTE FOR ME at https://faceawards.nyxcosmetics.com.ph/. 3x per day per person/email until the 15th of May, hope I get your support if you like the 3 looks I've done, the story I've created and the film I produced in San Antonio Pundaquit Zambales Philippines. =)

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  1. You're such a great person, you really do inspire many people especially LGBT community. Keep on reaching your dreams and never let other people bring you down💗


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