Kanebo Freshel BB Creams & Foundation

I've been reviewing a lot of makeup and bases in this blog but not so much from Asia. Find out more what makes them different.
Let's start first with BB creams which became really famous in the region. I have never tried Kate/Freshel before by Japanese brand Kanebo so this one gave a first impression on this premium Japanese brand.

Freshel BB Creams (by Kanebo)
SRP: PHP 1000+
Availability: Leading Department Stores nationwide (e.g. Rustan's)

(+) Just with BB creams, there's so much to choose from: an original, one that's pore-refining, with UV protection, and moisturising. Like what I said before in a BB review, BB creams have both foundation and skin care benefits and Kanebo boosts their range with various benefits and shades. This review will focus on the foundation benefit that the BB creams give.
(+) My favourite however is the Pore-Refining one with strong foundation aspect as you can see with below's swatches.
(+) Similar across all types, the BB cream is good in terms of coverage, consistency and ability to hide imperfections, just like a foundation.
(+) The shades aren't too white which is typical of a BB cream. This range has 2 shades per type which you can match with you skin tone.
Swatch of Kanebo Freshel Mineral Pore-Refining BB Cream - 2 coats, with flash
(-) As you can see below, the product is quite thick (very creamy) like a tinted moisturiser but you can that when blended well, it gives a foundation coverage than a moisturiser with minimal tint.
Swatch of Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB Cream Pore Cover - 2 coats, with flash
(+) On face, product looks thick but unlike ordinary BB or tinted moisturiser, it gives good foundation effect especially if blended with powder foundation on top.
(+) The BB creams are based on mineral components and usually mineral products are not intended for oily skin but these products work well on my skin type with minimal retouching and caking.
Swatch of Kanebo Freshel Mineral Pore-Refining BB Cream + Kanebo Foundation - 2 coats, with flash
(+) Lasting power is also nice with 5-6 hours coverage.

Overall, despite the price, the BB cream has so much to offer and is one of the most hard working BB creams I've tried. It works very much like a foundation with good and skin-matching coverage which is rare for a BB cream. The skin care benefit from this mineral-based skincare/makeup can also be expected. 

Now just quickly, let's discuss the foundation of mother brand Kanebo which can also prove how powerful Japanese foundation is.
(+) As you can see in below swatches, the powders are of premium quality when it comes to coverage, and consistency.
(+) Unlike most European brands, Japanese foundations give excellent match for skin when it comes to colour.
Swatches of Kanebo Powder Foundation - 2 coats with flash
(+) With the BB cream, the foundation gives a great match even with the skin under tone.

Have you tried any Japanese bases yet? How's your brand different? I will share more of this soon here ;)


  1. I'm eyeing some Chifure products! I heard their powder compacts are the bomb diggty. Have you tried any products from them?


  2. I love how Kanebo BB cream blends well on your skin. It doesn't look heavy or greasy on the face.

  3. Love japanese cosmetics. :) I already triend Palgantong BB Cream & I must say it has the most amazing coverage. :D Fan of Japanese and Korean's flawless face. :D


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