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i had to walk away, and i'm sorry

anxiety and depression suck. and it's hard to explain. but I will. on this new personal space.  not for pity or attention or affirmation. i thought it's just time for me to share my mental health especially because last night, I had an argument with a good friend that almost ruined our relationship. because of anxiety. because I fear of people talking shit about me. because I am depressed. and Joey De Leon, depression is not a joke. 

beginning of this year, I had symptoms I cannot explain. 2016 was a very bad year for me personally, but oppositely for my career. as my good friend said, I am so good at hiding, with all my photos in social media, and how I present myself with makeup. well, this world can make you do that.

A Story of A Trans NymphPH for #FaceAwards (VOTE FOR ME!)

  In a time long forgot, there was a nymph who lives by the sea that has the ability to transform herself in anything that her heart desires. Not knowing what she really wanted to be, she set off on a journey to find inspiration from nature, emulate its beauty and find contentment. 


Happy birthday to the Betty & Veronica of my life (ako si Cheryl teehee). Cheers to sisterhood (w/ or without Red Horse chos) Hope all the best for the two of you love you! PS. the new pretty Barracks at The Armory, QC is giving Riverdale lightingzzz


Inspired by Taylor Swift's 1989, the era of 80's when I was born, and the kind of current chill wave-like synth-pop and r&B music that I like.  #SpotifyMVP Follow my playlist if you like the feels that come with it!

A Head Full of Dreams Tour

Just the best night of my life. Period. Maybe hypnotized. And i will repeat it again given the chance. There's just something about the positivity, and happiness (AAAND sadness) that each song brings.I will be forever a fan and thank you Coldplay for this night.


Noong nakaraang linggo, napanood ko ang pelikulang Sakaling Hindi Makarating. Isa ito sa mga pelikulang uulit-ulitin ko upang maipaalala sa akin ang kahulugan ng paglalakbay. Hindi ako mahihiyang sabihan na nadala ako sa pelikulang ito dahil sa mga bagay na napagmuni-munihan ko: