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GRWM Kitana for Halloween + My 31st BIRTHDAY

Turned 31 and still felt like a kid LOL Thank you to ALL my friends who celebrated this event with me. To those who dressed up, thanks for the effort and I really appreciate it. I wish everyday could this be happy and Im trying to be - every single day. Thats my wish for myself and there's nothing wrong admitting you're not and that you're working on it.

 Thank you to my ever supportive sponsors/brands/people behind these brands since I started - M.A.C. Cosmetics, Absolut Vodka, Cadbury, Potato Corner - and Gameover Ph for being so accommodating.

 Special thanks to Gianne Hinolan (@giannehinolan) and Krisan Jacomina (@hellokrisan) and Ate Vanessa for helping me with this event. Couldn't do it without you my girls.. And to my Ate Irene Perez who passed away this year who had always helped me with events like this. I really do miss you. This is also for you.