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REVIEW: Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

Lately, I have been worrying about my hair because aside from thinning (ugh, genetics!), it has become extremely damaged and sensitive due to all the coloring (plus retouching), post-trauma from bleaching and curling (now I'm slowly cutting the affected area off) that I  do to my hair. Well, I consider half of my hair practically dead but I don't wanna shorten my hair easily so i just deal with it through products that can help restore the problems of split ends, dryness, roughness, etc . 

So when I got this news from Sample Room that Pantene is introducing a new version of the Total Care conditioner which I had used back in college when I had that really long straight hair which needed intensive and preventive products for damage management, I definitely wanted to try it. I didn't have any problem with Pantene before even with my oily and dandruff-prone scalp (I have always used Head & Shoulders as my shampoo then I use other conditioners for special needs) so it was interesting to test the new bigger promise by Pantene-  a 3-minute damage control.


Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Conditioner
SRP: Php159.00 (180ml) and Php259.00 (340ml).
Availed at: FREE at Sample Room
Availability: Zalora (pre-order)
According to Pantene, "Women have seen and felt the difference of Pantene’s miraculous beauty must-have. In a recent survey among Filipinas, more women rated the new Pantene 3 Minute Miracle as very good and excellent compared to a regular conditioner. 8 out of 10 women gave 3 Minute Miracle top marks, making it superior in: 1. Improving hair health 2. Helping repair damage 3. Leaving hair smooth 4. Strengthening each strand of hair 5. Preventing split ends 6. Providing immediate results"

Now, damaged hair is one that has lost its protective layer and thus feels rough. It's when you feel your whole hair has become split ends and yes, I feel that at times ( I treat my split ends separately though - it needs more treatment)! Technically, damaged hair is also more negatively charged than healthy hair, causing frizz.  

Soft and silky (a bit gel-like) texture of the conditioner

The new Pantene formula has an improved conditioning agent or cationic polymer the role of which is to neutralize damaged portions of hair, and forms a shield to protect hair from future damage which can be seen physically with my 3-day use of the product as it has reduced tangling. This is because of reduced friction from shielded / protected hair fibres. 

3-day experience with Pantene 3 Minute-Miracle Conditioner on towel-dried  and combed hair - indoor, without flash

Instantly for 3 days of test, versus using my usual non-conditioning shampoo alone, there is just better overall hair appearance with shinier and smoother hair. Don't mind my split ends - because that's where I had my bleach and curl. 

It is also said that "with up to 80% more key conditioning ingredient vs. Pantene’s regular conditioner, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner contains the highest ever level of advanced Terminal Amino-Silicones (TAS), which flatten and smoothen the outer layer or the cuticle cells on the hair surface. This helps protect the hair’s inner structure or cortex, preventing future damage and moisture loss from styling. By protecting the moisture balance of hair, Pantene 3 Minute Miracle transforms brittle, rigid and damaged hair to touchable, soft and beautiful hair."

While upon application there is a feeling that the product has silicones in it because it's so soft and smooth, what I liked best is that it didn't just settle on the cosmetic. Through the days, I noticed better hair health.
3-day experience with Pantene 3 Minute-Miracle Conditioner on towel-dried and combed hair - outdoor, without flash
Moreover, as with Pantene conditioners, I really like how they don't weight down my hair despite how they makes it really soft, smooth and shiny. Even for my oily scalp, it didn't appear and feel heavy and greasy in throughout the day. If you notice the above photo shot outdoor, it also gave a little bit of volume to the hair (see Day 3) .

I really like how this new product revives hair instantly. 

One test of also of a good conditioner is how it enables the hair to move. If it is more bouncy, there is less brittleness and damage present in the hair and I noticed that instantly with 3MM.

For 3-4 days, given my sensitive and oily scalp, I didn't notice any reaction or falling hair. This is also despite the very fragrant floral fruity scent that it has!

Overall, this is one miracle product indeed. Instantly yet deeply, it helped me manage the damaged hair and its manifestations - rough, brittle, dull -  that I've been wanting to resolve ever since I abused my hair last year. Total Care is actually one nice line already based on experience but this is even better with its stronger protective and cosmetic benefits. I think I'll be going back to using this line again!

Anyway, this was officially launched a few hours ago at Sample room, Zalora and different sites in the Philippines. You can also get your samples from, and if you liked it too, to head on to as they are selling it there. Zalora will be the first to offer it ;) 

So there! What did you think of this new product? I also got more excited as I saw Bea Alonzo in an ad teaser og this new variant of Pantene. I just think she just gets prettier and prettier through time ;)

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  1. Thanks for the review! got to try this, my hair is brittle and damage due to coloring and heat. Hope this will help. :) :) :)