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Most Expensive BDJ Box: And New Beauty Discoveries!

I received a box of beauty products weeks ago from Belle de Jour. It was the September box and I think it's the most expensive box from all the runs they have. I blogged about beauty sites emerging in the Philippines , and I love that this is also how we can get updated with a lot of new and interesting products in the market.

There are also lots of regular sizes in this box, mostly from Procter & Gamble - the new Olay, and Vidal Sassoon which is not in Philippines!
Also got excited about Cure and Loccitane because I've been hearing good things about them! At any rate, the box (including regular and sample sizes) costs around 580 but the value is almost 5000! Wow, right?
What's also nice its that last week, I dropped by the first ever beauty Social which had a lot of seminars and talks for its members. That's really how learning how should be, congrats BDJ!!

RL gets the best in booth awards! Really nice!! I visited the Shiseido booth also to check out Ibuki which is so nice (reviews soon) and dropped by my MUA friends' talk for Maybellie and L'Oreal Paris!

Georgina Wilson for Garnier's newest scrub! This looks yummy for the skin!
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  1. waaaah! I was there too! too bad I didn't see you, I'd really love to meet you pa naman.. :(

    1. Sayang! let's meet in the next BDJ event ;)