Neon Human

So here's the makeup I wore to the Avicii concert! Neon is just color to the 2nd power and my goal is to be one with the lights. Neon works extremely under violet back light, but also with very bright night lights and it changes according to the color of the environment. It's just so exciting, fun and cool for me. So let me be a neon human!
Photo with creative filter
Here are the products I used, neons mostly from BYS
Eyebrow: Majolica Majorca Brow & Lash colorist + Benefit Brozings
Eyeshadow: BYS Neon Eye shadow
Eyeliner:  (upper) Catwalk Cosmetics Harajuku black Liquid liner (lower) BYS Kohl Eyeliner in White
Falsies: Flutter False Eye Lashes in Drama Queen
Mascara: (lower) Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Meister
Lip color: MAC Nicki Minaj 1 Lipstick
Lip gloss: BYS Neon Lip gloss in pink

The focus is both eyes and lips. On eyes, I used different colors of matte neon shades from BYS which Ill review soon! i made sure that the adjacent colors blend well.

On lips, I published in my IG account a photo of the pink lipstick which changes color when under different bright lights! And oh, the BYS neon lip gloss has a very perfect consistency, coverage and color payoff! Reviews next!! 
The bold liner and falsies gave more drama and contrasy to the colorful eyes.
White eyeliner gave bigger eyes, and the yellow shadow on top further opened it.
If I would name it other way, maybe Hawaiian? hahaha and Oh, I ate a lot of Hawaiian food in Boracay!!
I also wore some of the eye colors here in my Boracay vacay (or parties) and they really pop out with color!! They called me lady in pink! hahaha
So, fresh from the Avicii concert which was quite overpowering and oh super amazing with great visuals and lights, My favorite part was Silhouettes! It was really empowering for me!
I came with bloggers Tracy Ayson, Aisa Ipac, Tin Iglesies and Ana Gonzales and oh while I flashed myself with colors, they did with their Ray-Ban's! I really like the flash lens! I'll get one real soon and maybe teach how to wear it with the right lipsticks? Yeah?
I will be going to the Wanderland Music & Arts Festival tonight again with them and I'm so excited for Neon Trees and Temper Trap. I know 1 song from each. hahaha but I just I wanna listen and expose my ears to more indie rock bands! Below's my fav from Neon Trees! At any rate, did you like the Neon LOTD?

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