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Saturday, March 02, 2013

Just few weeks ago, me and Alyssa met with our blog readers for their personality-driven makeover in line with our blog anniversaries. This site changed a lot in my life and it's one force for sure that makes me want to wake up in the morning, write, and just let people know what's in my head (which is quite weird actually haha) and in my skill set. So this giveaway and event we planned was super special for us.

We went to the Bobbi Brown counter to help our selected winners on how they can improve their makeup skills, and hopefully complement their personalities. A lot of women are afraid to have makeup on their face but through this activity, we hoped that they (and you!) can realize how great and powerful makeup is even in the lightest way. And we chose Bobbi Brown because of its great philosophy on improving women's confidence, and maybe their lives, through the right cosmetics.

I arrived at the Bobbi Brown earlier to prepare while Alyssa was helping our Top 2 choose the right clothes for them from For Me. I will share my experience on this in another entry.
The Rustan's Shangrila counter is so nice, clean and complete that I can imagine having this in my room haha
Of course, the first thing I noticed was the Pretty Powerful book which houses the philosophy of Bobbi Brown and guides everything that is in this brand. I also lifted some quotes to share in my talk to the winners because I live by them as well. It's available for viewing and I highly recommend this book as I've mentioned in my previous Bobbi Brown entries.
 Below is the skin care corner with products that I'm so excited to share with you because they're just great.
A lot of people ask my favorite in Bobbi Brown's cosmetics and I must say, they're the base products. Reviews soon but off hand when it comes to the right foundation, I always believe in Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier.
 One the Long-Wear foundation that me and my mom swear by.
 And of course, this newest collection, together with Sea Perls, that makes me want to love.
After touring myself, I also had my makeup done by Drew Cultura using a lot of their long-wear products. I love my nude big eyes!
So let me introduce to you our winner readers who won Bobbi Brown products (aside from a lot more) and a makeover and talk from us. Together with the Bobbi Brown senior artists, we gave tips, taught some techniques, demonstrated the look that fits them and toured them as well.

Let's start with Chesca Alonte. She's a makeup artist and freelance photographer so basically she knows a lot about with what we're doing. She's pretty bold but another side of her is just charming and soft so we also let her see that.
As a makeup artist, we taught and demonstrated her a lot about the basics of makeup which can change a lot about the final look: choosing the right foundation, skin care, concealing impurities, colors, eye makeup and how to improve one's eye shape and effect, etc. On her, she's actually really pretty and has little corrections needed except for her eye bags so we gave her a soft, natural and long-wearing look that she can pull off during work.
 Our second girl is Mizi. She's a nurse at has a night shift which is quite stressful and tiring so it affects her skin and eyes a lot. She's pretty natural and has a very sweet personality - she even gave me a present and a letter after the talk!! For her look, we asked her and she needed long-wearing and clean makeup that she can wear at work.
 Mizi has impurities on her face and we taught her proper skin care and base makeup so she can present herself very well at the hospital. We also stressed the importance of clean shaped brows, eye makeup and lip color to make her look bright and glowing when she attends to her patients.
 We also taught additional tricks to them by demonstrating on Alyssa who's pulling off a sexy soft look with her new For Me dress. The end result is just glowing, healthy-looking and vibrant look.
Alyssa Lapid with the very nice and expert team of makeup artists in Bobbi Brown. I love them and they're so fun too! I really like when brands make use of LGBT's high talent!
With Chesca and her new Ray-Ban glasses as prize
I just love doing this and while we had only 3 winners, we really wanted to accommodate everyone. Again, thank you for the continuous support for our blogs and brands and I'm already planning on having my own workshop in the near future. Will you go? ;)

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  1. Thank you so much for the fashion tips and powerful makeup lesson. I am sincerely grateful for the privilege of having the both of you accompany us! I really had a wonderful day. It was very special and memorable moment for me. Thanks for everything:D So excited for your own workshop :D

    1. My pleasure and thanks for the gift! love ittt

  2. Hope to win one of your makeovers next time!

    1. I have a new set of workshops, you might wanna joiN! ;)


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