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Best Lipsticks of 2013

It was 2013 when I really got used to wearing and consuming lipsticks.
Last year, my blog was filled with a lot of product review on lipsticks and I know it's hard to choose from them. I purchased a lot of MAC lippies (and maybe got addicted to them), worn a lot of bold colours and studied them thoroughly. This year, I'm sure that we'll be tempted to buy from a lot of new launches but it's always nice to know the general qualities of brands based on their lipstick launch histories. So here are my 2013 top picks!

The Affordable Yet Performing Lipsticks - There are a lot of department store brands that offer already good/OK quality lipsticks and if you're on a strict budget, here are my top brands and colours with some swatches:
BYS Matte Lipstick - As reviewed, BYS has good quality for its price. If you love MAC but you're on a tight budget, you can always consider its bold colours. But then it doesn't stay that long. 
L'Oreal Paris Color Riche New Launches - This is one of the most popular reviews I made on this blog and you can see how this creamy lipstick has a good level of moisture and colour at the same time. Last year, L'Oreal also launched a limited edition item that's branded with the Cannes Festival (swatch below)
Maybelline Color Sensational & Matte - Quite thick and creamy but gives good colour payoff for this  kind. One of the more popular reviews here also, and while it doesn't last that long, it's worth the try. Because of the popularity of matte lipsticks here, Maybelline also launched a matte lipstick line as you can see with the swatch below and it looks promising! (review soon!)
ZA Plumper Lipstick - Sheer volumizing lipstick that has skin care benefits which is known for ZA and its creator, Shiseido
PAC Matte Lipsticks - full review coming up soon but this matte lipstick is one of the most comfortable for this kind in its category of affordable ones.
Avon - the new line launched is a step up for this brand as it has better pigmentation.
Inglot - I also included this in this category because of the price (PHP per mono) and as you can see below, it has a nice matte finish with exquisite color intensity. Full review for this soon and its regular lipstick products (non-palette)

The Luxury Lipsticks - They're called luxury not just because of the prestige and credibility of the brand and its creators but also because of the comfort they give for the lips. Most of the affordable or fashion brands would give intense colours but mostly feel heavy or hard to apply.

Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lipstick - When it comes to sheer, It's always Laura. The below swatches are mostly from their limited collections but you can see and feel the comfort of the rich creamy product for its regular counterparts. During the last quarter of 2013, Laura launched the "no-lipstick" lipstick which you can see below and this is one revolutionary product as it has zero heaviness on the lips (0 wax!)
T.LeClerc Lipsticks - newest discovery! reminds me of Bobbi Brown quality but has more unique selection of colours. 
Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipsticks - This is one revolutionary product too. Bobbi Brown always has really good creamy ones but the creamy matte has the comfort of the former combined with the finish of the latter. full reviews coming up soon!

My Fashion Lipsticks: MAC - Now while the formulas of MAC lipsticks are usually unforgiving especially for its growing retro matte and matte types which were mostly the limited edition launches last year, the finishes are to die for! Based on my experience, no one still beats this brand with that deep pigmented effect through its texture. The unique colours are also the greatest quality especially with the brand's collaboration with icons - Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Viva Glam, Archie's Girls, etc

Below are my favourites! My collection wouldn't fit my arm but you can see how I love Retro Matte, Rihanna, and Viva Glam. For Heroine fans, I'm sure you'll be delighted because this one's back for good!

How about you? What lipsticks did you discover last year?


  1. Yay!! We have the same Loreal Color riche lipstick :D And I can say I love loreal lipstick :D Lots of lipstick you have. I envy you! :D :D

  2. I only have 1 mac lippie - ruby woo. I'm having a hard time applying it, pero afterwards naman super happy ako.. it makes my face brighter, and younger. Definitely a good buy!

  3. I LOVE MAC LIPSTICKS!!!! But you forgot one more lip color in the retro matte list, the all-fired up. Super nice!!!!!

  4. i love lipsticks too but i never tried luxurious lippies before like Laura mercier and bobbie brown. i only have one mac lippie and its the shade of Riri woo.