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Friday, October 03, 2014

A few weeks ago, MAC launched their PRO lipsticks (click for reviews) but alongside that, I had a one-on-one with a MAC artist with regard to lipstick application. Now, if you can see the swatches, you'll know how intense the color payoff of the lipsticks and if you ask me, I won't really care about application (you just know when the product can take care of that). But then during the event, with the use of extra products like a lip primer, lip pencil, etc - I realized that I need volume for my lips. I am impressed with they can do this in minutes. Thanks, MAC!


MAC Eastwood which has an outdoor view that looks amazing
before lipstick application

key products used* - to maintaining color and care for lips - especially under matte lipsticks! 

My artist Jinnyvib of MAC Eastwood which is super talented in doing lips! I love how she made her lips look contoured despite the nude color

MAC Pro lipsticks

Eyeing on the frosted ones!

Look in a box which features different products with one hue for plums, nudes, pinks, corals and beige.
The Nail Transformations (top coat) collection in collaboration with former forensic scientist Marian Newman

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