Happy Anniversary, BYS!

Thursday, October 02, 2014

BYS is a fun, fashionable and reachable brand that is making an impact in the global market as well as locally. In the past 12 months since its launch in the Philippines, BYS focused on face products such as foundation primers, a new matte foundation, crème foundation (which is a bestseller in the Philippines), and the new HD (high definition) powders - reviews coming up soon. I have reviewed nonetheless some of its lipstick lines and I was really impressed with how they value their users' value for money. With 120 stores currently, BYS has proven that it is possible to produce innovative cosmetics without exorbitant price tags, says Ed Aitken, founder of this Australian makeup brand - whom we met at the anniversary launch. Currently, BYS has shifted its focus on brows with new brow pencils, an auto brow, and a game-changing brow kit which will be in Philippine stores next month. Also, there are a lot of new products for lips and face (I swatched some below) that are truly exciting. Way to go, BYS, and congratulations on your success!


Models with Ed Aitken, founder of BYS Cosmetics

Swatches of the new BYS Lip Tars

Swatches of the new BYS Lip Tars

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