Towards Universal Beauty

Master of beauty collaborates with master of fashion converge, East meets West - clearly, Shu Uemura takes the next level in beauty, towards a universal one, combining different aspects of it, through the Karl Lagerfeld collection, an exclusive blogger launch of which, I attended few weeks ago to experience the newest breakthrough.
Mr. Shu Uemura has transformed image of women for years, making sure that beauty is truly a work of art. I have always been a fan of the brand that was crafted and inspired by the hands of a great make-up artist and cosmetics king. Moreover, it is very interesting that "Karl Lagerfeld has been using the Shu Uemura eye shadows to illustrate his fashion sketches. Now he merges his world with Shu Uemura's to create an entire collection in homage to the brand - the color selection and packaging is entirely designed by Karl Lagerfeld who also photographed the visual campaign (which you can see above)" (source)

I already featured the entire collection in my latest entry, and now I would like to share how we experienced the very innovative collaboration of two masters, through the launch.
me with the Mon Shu girl, Sophie, my fav Shu Uemura make up artist and Phoebe
Manila bloggers with the Shu Uemura Team!
The entire collection which is already displayed in the Shu Uemura stores early November. View in detail the products here
Thanks Lix of Project Vanity for this shot ;)
cute Mon Shu Girl!
Event was held at UMU Restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel which was transformed into a Japanese heaven ;)
The stage
The food! wah I love Japanese!
Business Unit Manager Nina Solano talks more about the collaboration!
Now this caught my attention! The SHU PRETIGIOUS BORDEAUX PALETTE. All my fav colors in one -
glitter wine and deep brown; pressed eye shadows in pale purple, soft brown, and brick gold add sensual accents; coral rose for sparkling allure on cheeks
Now, Patrick Alcober (I think you would always see him in the Shu Uemura counters in the Metro) uses the aforementioned palette on a model. I made sure I watched how he used these prestigious colors!
He used the soft brown, gold and pale purple as base for the whole upper eye area.
He puts the dark purple color as the base, which blended very well with the browns for sensual look
He puts the purple and violet color also under the eye to complete the smokey look.
The finished product with coral lippies and cheeks (which Patrick also got from the palette. Yes, if the eyeshadow has very great pigments, you can use these for cheek color). So great, Patrick!
More pictures from the event!
Hi Nadia of Shu Uemura! Really love the falsies!
Phoebe, Jheng and Rowena in #red ;)
Also took this photo of Liz Lanuzo ;)
lovely Pam Picazo, L'Oreal's Communications Head
Nina with Karen Crisostomo! Love their red outfit!
now with Earth Rullan!
the other creation using the other palettes and products from the collection
Mon Shu girls!
Rich Bordeaux! And oh, I have these falsies! Will share them soon in my next LOTD!
They used the KARL FOR SHU SMOKEY VELVET PALETTE on her which was darker with
glitter black and deep khaki
Red lippies was perfect on her!
Thanks Shu Uemura for letting me experience this! Stay tuned for my LOTD and reviews! Coming up soon really! ;)


  1. Mon Shu girl is really very anime-ish! Love this collection. :)


  2. I wanna be like a Mon Shu girl!!! ^__^


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