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Happy Skin Summer Collection

Following the well-received Happy Skin launch five months ago, more and more women have now realized that to look beautiful, you must never compromise skin health. Sure, beauty trends come and go, seasons color our faces in different hues, lips pucker up in different colors – but overall skin? Well, it’s most beautiful when it is happy.

Happy Skin co-founder Jacqe Yuengtian-Gutierrez believes that this is the core of their booming beauty business. “More and more women are discovering the beauty of skincare makeup,” she shares. “They’re falling in love with our philosophy – makeup that cares for your skin – and products!" -founder Rissa Mananquil-Trillo happily explains: “They now echo our belief: truly good makeup should be your ally – not your enemy – in making you look and feel more beautiful! Fact is, all the best skin care products in the world will be put to waste if you don’t use good quality makeup that also takes care of your skin.”
 photo 3_zps140d10f0.jpg

With this sound philosophy, many women have developed a strong affinity towards Happy Skin and its products. Since its launch, Happy Skin has found its way into the kits and on the dressers of countless women.“We launched only five months ago and yet we have women aged fifteen to fifty who love our products! We have students, debutantes, brides, career women, models, moms, even makeup artists and celebrities buying Happy Skin,” excitedly shares Rissa.

“We also have patrons like Kris Aquino who loved the lippies so much that she collaborated with us to create her own lippie. Karen Davila who fell in love with our liquid eyeliner after wearing it during the typhoon Haiyan coverage and saw that it didn’t budge and lasted the entire day. Lucy Torres-Gomez who’s so happy that she bought loads of products to give as gifts! Cecile Zamora (Chuvaness) personally loves SS Crème and we saw on social media that she actually made it part of her makeup kit!” beams Jacqe. “The fact that these women, who have access to international makeup, are patrons of Happy Skin gives us that stamp of approval that we have been creating good makeup that is at par with world-renowned brands. Especially for a humble Filipino brand like ours, it really makes us so very proud and super motivated to create more products. The support for a local brand like ours has been really overwhelming! Nothing makes us feel prouder and happier than our very own Filipinos supporting our humble homegrown brand,” echoes Rissa. Admittedly, the Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Lippies have grown to be dependable makeup staples for that luscious pop of lip color. As these popular products secured a loyal throng of patrons and fans, Happy Skin continued to dream, innovate, and develop skin-caring makeup solutions that’ll make skin even way happier. “Each product we create is thoroughly researched, perfected, and tested to give women the ultimate makeup that truly cares for their Pinay skin,” explains Jacqe.

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Fresh from the beauty boxes and available at the Happy Skin counters are fab new makeup products that love your skin: Feeling Sculptacular Face Contour Kit, the Eye Love View Pencil & Marker Eyebrow Duo, Make a Clean Sweep Revitalizing Micellar Water Makeup Cleanser, and the dependable Eye Am Here To Stay Eyeliner now comes in gel pencil form. But the hottest products to hit Happy Skin counters are the limited edition summer collection. To be one with all summer lovers out there and care for their skin during the sunny months, Happy Skin launches its Turn Up The Heat Summer Collection 2014. 

“Summer is undoubtedly one of the happiest times of the year. It’s a season for sun and great outdoor fun, but it’s not always so awesome for your skin. This is actually the most crucial time to turn to makeup that cares for the skin,” explains Rissa. Yes, your favorite brand of skin-caring makeup augments its roster with some summer- worthy products to stash in your beach tote! Each product in the Happy Skin Turn Up The Heat summer collection is formulated with the same Happy Skin philosophy in mind: healthy skin is happy skin. So, you can trust that these summeriffic finds are infused with carefully chosen skin-loving ingredients that’ll get you looking beautiful while simultaneously making your skin even healthier. “This isn’t the time to compromise on products to achieve your flawless summer look,” Jacqe says. “This is why we came up with fresh new colors for our summer collection. The most unforgettable memories happen during summer,” explains Rissa further. “Your summer look should be one for the books, too! 

It's my first time to try Happy Skin products and I'm so excited to check out this local brand produced in Japan. Reviews of their summer collection below, starting with the limited edition lippies.
 photo 4_zpsa41117b5.jpg
Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies
SRP: (box set of 3 lippies for P1,249 and individually priced at P549)
Availability: Rustan's, Beauty Bar, Plains & Prints 
(+) I like that the Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies combine the softness and smoothness of a lip balm, shine of a lip gloss which when fades reveals the color of a lipstick.

(+) The consistency and coverage are above average especially because of shea butter and collagen, it's easy to glide and blend. 

Swatches of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies  - 2 coats, with flash

(+) In terms of packaging, the box is so unique and there's a reason why they're all under the same case (see below). But the Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies are pencil-like and retractable to make it application and use, easy and clean. 
 photo IMG_5483_zpsada41a4a.jpg

(+) In terms of color, the hues are perfect for summer. Summer Crush is a flirty pink;  Sunset Kiss is a fiery red orange while The Morning After is a sexy nude. 

Swatches of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippie in Sunset Kiss  - 2 coats, with flash
(+) Even on dry lips, you can see how pigmented, full and moisturized lips are.
Swatches of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies in Sunset Kiss  - 2 coats, with flash
(+) This nude color is perfect for those who want subtle lips and because of the components, even if the color is light, it still gives full color and healthy lips.
Swatches of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies in The Morning After  - 2 coats, with flash
(+) What I also like about the lipsticks is its ability to mattify without drying skin so much, despite the level of pigment present in the product. 
Swatches of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies in The Morning After  - 2 coats, with flash
(+) The finish as you can see is semi-matte which makes it truly healthy-looking.
Swatches of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies in Summer Crush  - 2 coats, with flash
Swatches of Shut Up & Kiss Me Turn Up The Heat Lippies  - 2 coats, with flash
(+) Long-lasting ability is also high since it's pigmented and stains the lips.

(+) “What makes this limited edition lippie collection so unique is that we designed it so you can wear them alone or layer them to give you a cocktail of colors for summer,” reveals Rissa. Be the most kissable on the summer shores by swiping on Summer Crush (flirty pink) with The Morning After (mauve) to give you a sexy dusky pink. Layering Sunset Kiss (fiery red orange) and The Morning After (mauve) will lend your lips a sun-worthy creamy coral. And lastly, Sunset Kiss (fiery red orange) with Summer Crush (flirty pink) will give you the freshest pomelo tinge. A box of three summer lippies allows you to sizzle in the heat with six unique shades! (from Happy Skin)

(-) If there's one thing negative about the product it would be the tip of the lipstick which makes it difficult to line/contour.

Aside from the lips, the new collection Get Cheeky With Me blushes (P699 each) are also worth checking. They remind me of Shu Uemura blushes because of their subtle, healthy yet pigmented finish.

“Our Get Cheeky With Me blushes deliver the same promise of a natural flush as our original blushes,” shares Jacqe. “It comes in two new limited edition shades,” excitedly says Rissa. “Sunset Kiss, the most flattering orange that allows you to take the summer warmth with you wherever you go; and The Morning After, the perfect shade of pink that will always make him think you always have that natural effortless glow.”

Happy Skin blushes are infused with Cherry Blossom extracts that lock in moisture and keep cheeks fresh and hydrated. Both sweat- and smear-proof for warm summer days, it keeps the blush until you wash it off. Happy Skin blushes are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
 photo IMG_5442_zpsc60002d9.jpg

Overall, with the average price, Happy Skin products are pigmented cosmetics but don't compromise on the health and and healthy finish of its products. I am really proud and happy for Happy Skin. So excited to try and review more of its products.


  1. Lippie in the morning after is just gorg! Don't have a hg nude lippie yet, this looks lije a perfect candidate:)

  2. love the collection.. I want the blushes.. sweat and smear-proof! :)

  3. Just bought The Morning After lippie and I love it! Now I wish I bought the limited edition lippies altogether so I can mix the colors and see what shades I can come up with.