Today,I finally transferred almost all of the content from this blogspot to my new site in WordPress (awww). It was a taxing 7 months doing the new site but I think it's all worth it. i hope I still have you on board for more product reviews, LOTD's, and other stories that i wanna tell! Visit WWW.MIKKIGALANG.COM

Last April, I was working on "Project Hair". I knew there was something wrong about my color whenever I would check out my pictures and when i was invited by Vivere Salon to try out their services when it opened a branch in Trinoma, I really liked the outcome, even up until now.


One thing I'll do more as I go back to beauty blogging is doing product reviews and I think that this is a first this quarter, and a first for this category! 

As a heavy eye makeup user (I like claiming that haha), it takes time to apply layers and styles of makeup on the eyes. But it takes as much time removing it especially when using hardworking products (water-proof, long-wear, etc). But unlike the usual facial products, I learned the hard way that the eye area is the most sensitive part of the skin. And so I take so much time (and deliberation) on choosing and using gentle eye makeup removers for my full eye do. I'll share my latest discovery below.


Since 2013, I have been attracted to online shopping. I've been buying cute Mac Book cases, non-PH available MAC lipsticks, cosmetics holders, and some clothes that I find nice on Instagram. Online shopping for cosmetics is tricky (you have to see a review, swatch and try it on your face). The same goes for apparel, based on experience. I like fitting the items first, especially because my body shape is different.

So when Show Room Co invited me to check out their store, I got interested because I prefer buying at bazaars than online shopping now, and the small but homy store houses a lot of my favorite and top-selling stores online.  Also, it's nearer to my home than going to World Trade Center (where the bazaars usually are) - it's just located in QC (to be exact: Unit 9&10 Ushio Plaza I, Timog Ave. cor. Sct. Torillo, Brgy. South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines)

Overall, my experience was really good. It was not the typical tiangge kind. I like seeing a lot of choices (their displays are small, but showcasing top and popular items) but what's different is that the items are also unique (there are only a few shops which offer the same kind of item) and the place is really homy. The sales ladies are also nice, they make you feel that you're just at the house (which the interior was like) and they help select items that fit your style. And most importantly, for busy people like me, they close at 12 midnight (I just wish malls could be like this as well - #midnightshoppingPlease! haha). Anyway below is a tour of the store. For QC people out there, this is one shop worth the visit!


I have been waiting for March to happen (because, beach!), but also, Happy Skin! I've been really busy with work - I think have 20 pending blog posts but let me start with a giveaway c/o a brand that I've been loving ever since I first used their Shut Up & Kiss Me lippies. But also, I wanna thank you for making my last workshop really successful which I'll blog about soon!


This month marks my 2nd year anniversary as a Sample Room partner blogger. I've been very blessed to be part of this community which believes that trying or sampling a product is a first before buying a beauty product. With the help of fellow beauty bloggers and a community of educated consumers, opinions

I haven't posted a lot when it comes to skin and body care which comprise most of the samples in the website, but I have tried some of the below top products in my opinion and will be sharing these in this post.


If you've been reading my social posts, you already know that I will have a makeup workshop with Inglot Cosmetics! Yay! First for the year and with a makeup brand that is known for its variety of colors! Lots of makeup prizes, games and activities in store for you this February 21, 2015, 3PM-5PM at Inglot Store, SM Megamall! You don't need to bring anything, and it's a FREE workshop! Let's color and play, and bring your friends!

To register,
1. Comment below with your name and IG account.
2. Email and you will get a reply with the official invite

Also, join a giveaway after registering to get the chance to WIN a freedom palette worth 5k!


This month is all about my collaboration with Inglot Cosmetics and a workshop that I will be doing for them. It will be all about colors and what better way to share it with you by giving away a Freedom System Palette that will let you love and play with colors! Workshop Details here. Mechanics below.


I will be starting a new series where I share more about ingredients in products that I like, or that's new or that seem interesting to me ;) Sometimes I just wanna bring out the chemist in me (and I just miss! haha) so let's with Baobab, a common name of a genus of trees (Adansonia)!


Sunblock is definitely one that I wouldn't miss in a trip and not because I don't want to get dark, but because I really want to take care of my skin nowadays. I went to a dermatologist 3 weeks prior to my Palawan trip (will share more about my laser treatment and new skin care regimen - hello tretinoin forever) and she advised me to search for the best sunblock that would protect the sensitive skin in my face. (will share more of this in the city as well)

But more than that, I knew that the harsh sun can really weaken the largest organ in the body which is skin. I needed protection in my Coron trip and I got the chance to review the sunblock I've been wanting to test since last year, Daylong ,from the makers of Cetaphil, which is the new clinically proven suncare range that is meant to protect your skin daily to prevent damage even at the cellular level.


New year and launching this giveaway c/o Benefit Cosmetics!


With the amount of pigment that I place on my lips everyday, I have so much love and particularity for lip care products. I remembered one of you asking how I maintain dry and chapped lips despite the matte lipsticks (when I was still in that phase!) and below, I will share my favorites and my wardrobe as I call it - because I use different ones for different occasions and needs - and some techniques that might help you as well in this kind of season.


Color Riche is one of my popular posts in the blog as it is one of the first lipsticks that I reviewed in detail. It is one of those pigmented yet affordable lipsticks available in department stores. Now, With Color Riche L’Extraordinaire, L'OrĂ©al Makeup Designer / Paris has created "a new generation of makeup - with color more intense than a lipstick, luster more sophisticated than a gloss, and comfort that is smoother than a balm." Below is my rating of this luxurious Parisian product, with justifications.

OVERALL: 4.75/5

Lately, I have been worrying about my hair because aside from thinning (ugh, genetics!), it has become extremely damaged and sensitive due to all the coloring (plus retouching), post-trauma from bleaching and curling (now I'm slowly cutting the affected area off) that I  do to my hair. Well, I consider half of my hair practically dead but I don't wanna shorten my hair easily so i just deal with it through products that can help restore the problems of split ends, dryness, roughness, etc . 

So when I got this news from Sample Room that Pantene is introducing a new version of the Total Care conditioner which I had used back in college when I had that really long straight hair which needed intensive and preventive products for damage management, I definitely wanted to try it. I didn't have any problem with Pantene before even with my oily and dandruff-prone scalp (I have always used Head & Shoulders as my shampoo then I use other conditioners for special needs) so it was interesting to test the new bigger promise by Pantene-  a 3-minute damage control.


My good friend asked me before: "If ever you will be a scent, what will it be and why". It was such a difficult question to answer given that I love perfumes, but I told her that I'd be a Floral, fruity scent. There are a lot of brands under that olfactive family but there's just this ultimate fragrance that I just discovered last October: Versace. And realized why did I you just appear in my life this time?

But while I may not be VS-sexy like Candice, i like how bright yet powerful, intense, and too-giving the scent is and I like to be seen as that. It all started with Yellow Diamond, which my cousin-in-law Shari kept on branding as my scent (Hi Shari!!), but Bright Crystal and its more intense version, Absolu, might be even be better as mine.


Bobbi Brown is one brand that I look forward to when it comes to its holiday sets because it never compromises on the quality of the various products in a set/palette. Also, the holiday collections are unique in a way that it is only rare that the shades can be found in the singles or regulars. For 2014, Bobbi Brown also named as "BB" in this collection, has a new collection called Scotch on The Rocks which is based on warm matte browns, golden metallic nudes and deep ambers - all perfect for the season. "Inspired by the legendary American actress Lauren Bacall, this collection is a gorgeous combination of sexy, strong and confident. The look starts with skin, which has the subtlest warmed-by-the-fireside glow." As for holiday, Bobbi Brown curated personally a collection that can be unique to the receiver or the users. Below are my top picks!

Source: Bobbi Brown Philippines


2014 was a big year for beauty and with launches, relaunches and limited editions left and right, online or department store level, it gets exciting but also a bit overwhelming. Sometimes, I still get confused and amazed at the same time whenever I visit a cosmetics store, but below are my favorites from last year that are unique, hard-working and special in their ways!


Ever since I bought the MAC Morange and Sounds Like Noise lipsticks a year ago, I've been interested in this shade. Whether with a plain eye makeup or a full on smokey eye, orange has become my go-to color and for me, is the new classic/staple. Now, I added more to my collection and below are my reviews!


For this month (and I know it is just one week left =( , I'll be giving away new products from a brand that's one of my favorites and which I'll be collaborating with for my holiday makeup party!


Last December, I had some time to visit some counters of brands that interest me - through the events I attended and some, just randomly . Let me tour you to some of the newest offerings and stores of Philosophy, Inglot, NARS, MAC and SM Beauty, and learn how I also do it when I shop ;)

This is a really long overdue review but I just want to share more of Eye of Horus' winning product, but also more of what it can do, especially because it's really good and good in the sense of helping out others. 

PAYOFF 4.5/5

Renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown—famous for her signature black frames—is often asked how to wear makeup with glasses. In line with her philosophy of Pretty Powerful, Bobbi teaches women how to define eyes and make them seen behind lenses. I can definitely relate to this ( I even made an LOTD years before) as a frames user and I agree that makeup should complement and not compete with glasses. It should be a harmonious mix of colors and shapes and styles. These are the key theses of the book: for statement frames, go for bolder colors and for delicate frames, choose a softer look. No matter the preferred shape of and style of frames—round or square, bold or classic—Bobbi makes it easy to create standout eye looks. And this is made possible by knowing the makeup that suits your eye, face shape, etc that Bobbi Brown navigates through her book (and through a counter service and new line of glasses soon!)

But also, Everything Eyes teaches and redefines a lot of makeup techniques that are unique to Bobbi and her philosophy of makeup as style to each individual, but this time, more instructional and step-by-step versus her last book. I will apply learnings in my next LOTD's and this book is definitely one that you would go back to and read again to remind you of style and the right cosmetics for your eyes.


Nowadays, "nail art" is becoming more accessible to a lot of us with various templates, stickers/wraps and other forms which for me makes it less of an art. While the concept of instant nails that a lot of the brands offer give us convenience and comfort, there are just times when you need a drawing or painting on the nails that reflects how you feel!

So last week, I got the chance to meet a fabulous artist, Mimi Qui, who's also now the creative ambassador of the No. 1 nail brand in Korea called Bandi. She has 1 main shop in Malate which I've heard of before through my tita who would go to there for special designs and add-ons. And I really like how she worked on my nails. Despite the 1 hour I had, which is very short for her (plus she really hated how I rush the process haha), she took so much effort on how executing the design that I had pegged and chosen with Bandi. And she's super nice too! 

Mimi's passion for nail art started at a young age as she believes that the design of the nail speaks to the wearer's character, mood and likes. She enjoys using Bandi because of the color selection for Asians.

But also, versus acrylic which dries faster, gel nail polishes allow more time for her to blend, create and draw. I like how Bandi takes the gel to another level. And oh, it really stays so long - the art and the crystals are still on my nails even after 1 week!


Fall/Winter, or simply Holiday, is when I could wear the shades I truly love. Brands will promote and others would wear the darkest plums, blacks or fuchsia but I love sticking to the colors that fit me, and only slightly adjusting the intensity. Now with lips where I would place color emphasis next to my eyes, I have my reds, oranges and metallics lippies in my bag!


The long overdue blog is now up with a new layout/design c/o Sherica Ocbania and logo by Vince Canlapan! Now I do hope that you can share the site to other people who also love what I'm interested in and passionate about. There will be more as I'll be also celebrating my Blog birthday event soon ;)


Small, dry, uneven lips - I have them all. And while I focus too much on my eyes every single time, sometimes, I just do want to give attention to my lips despite all these. And when I do, this is how put volume to it. And I will speak. =)


My theory is that the more pigment there is in the lipstick and it doesn't dry the lips too much, then the price goes up. Unfortunately, based on experience, even in the premium department stores, there are limited options when you're searching for both true comfort and color payoff.

However, there are some affordable brands which have a pretty good level of pigment already, with nice selection of colors, AND with great comfort / wearability which is clear with semi-matte and glossy lipsticks that are available in the nearest department stores or beauty distributor.


I always want to think ahead. The future for me is always bright no matter how past and present may seem like. For my LOTD, I am inspired by the future and will always be.

Photography: Drake Dustin Ibay 


The third installment of the Hunger Games will be out soon. I got so excited and inspired to create my own Capitol looks since last year after Catching Fire (see my Instagram posts!!!) and will be finally sharing these with another one! While the movie (and a new website) places emphasis on entertainment and fashion which is what's being used as escapism for the wrongdoings of Panem in the literal sense, we must not forget the Mocking Jay.


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